This is brilliant

I love this look


It is the last week of September coming. its the beginning of the last quarter of the year so makeup looks are changing yet again. Over the next few weeks, I am going to attempt to do some of the looks using my eyeshadow pallets. These include my #Younique #Pallets #3 and #5. As well as the individual colours that I own

I had also said at the beginning of August that there will be a book review. I am so sorry that I haven't had time. I will be doing one soon.

There will be no photos of me for a few weeks. I am not able to wash due to only having cold water right now so feel yuck. Can't wait till the wet room and central heating are completed.

This is what it looked like last week. I will put a picture or two up when I get a chance.
Love and Peace xxx

Yum Yum

OK, so this month is going to be the month where things are on hold as such. Having to go out loads I am having food out. Most of the time I'm staying at the local Wetherspoons. I'm usually sitting where its light so I can do my videos. It's really good as I'm able to have my scooter beside me. I try to keep the scooter out of the way, for the other customers.

Being out as I said I have been eating loads. My favourite breakfast from Wetherspoons is the breakfast wrap. This is so delicious.

It has sausage, egg, bacon, hash brown all wrapped up in a soft tortilla. As a change, I switched to an Eggs Royale which is also yummy however it's not my fave. It has two poached eggs salmon and hollandaise sauce on an English Muffin.

I then had a Tandoori Chicken wrap which is really nice yet not something I would order very often as it has over 1000 calories and I think that I would put way too much weight on.
I even added a salad to this to try to make it a lighter choice. …

EEk I wish I could Say more

So this week has been an absolute chaotic week the kids have gone back properly to school, not just the short week. A complete week and getting ready for the following months' chaos because as from later in the week the house is going to be complete chaos and lots of things going on. For starters, we are having a wet room instead of the normal bath. This is because of my disability and it will help me to be so much more independent.

We are also having central heating put in so after living in a house without central heating it will be a change and much warmer. We can now plan to get the house exactly how we want it. And that will be done next year.

During this weekend we also went on a trip as a family and it gave me so many ideas as a way I see the house becoming a proper home. I'm not saying the house isn't a home however it isn't the way hubby and I see it becoming even with the kids. The coming year is going to be a year where things are going to be so positive an…

Back to Normality

Oh my god the last couple weeks had been completely chaotic because the kids have started back at school and they have been studying for the Kent Test. So I have concentrating on their tuition and everything else has been put aside. Now though they have done the exam. Things are going completely chaotic next week add after 20 years I will be having central heating and having a wet room that will help me be more independent from relying on others. So although being disabled I need to be able to do things for myself and this will be a great way of being free.

I hope to be able to blog more often however I'll see.

Love and Peace

Back Problems

Well isn't strange that things change when you rely so heavily on your back. Mine went yesterday morning so was unable to be as active as I wanted to be. So this blog is a little short. I'm so excited for the future as there so many things that are happening and I wish I could say more than that. However I think that if I do I will tempt fate. No more to be said for now because I still need to rest Love and PeaceXxx

A Lovely Time

So last week when the horrors of the world were happening I was away in one of the most beautiful places in the UK that I know of. It is the family's happy place and we had a two-year break from it which was a big mistake.

When we arrived it felt like coming home. it was so relaxing and made us happy to be there, after the long trip to get there.

We arrived and the pictures below show what the caravan looks like
without going into the master bedroom which I didn't take any pictures of it. The size of our caravan was 36ft by 12ft. We had at least one meal out while there despite being on a limited budget. 

These were just selections of things we had including a #BurgerKing
The views are amazing and include 
There are so many things to do, like having the classic English seaside day of sitting on the beach, playing in the arcades, seeing a live show or even just chilling out in our caravan.
We can't wait to go back next year
Love and Peace

The Latest Happenings Elsewhere

What can I say that hasn't been said by others who abhor what has been happening in the last week.
I'm writing this whilst away to be posted when I get back and I am finding it hard to say anything because what has happened in the USA is just disgusting.
I thought we had changed after the last world war, obviously not!
I feel ashamed for all those who fought for our freedom and rights back then because these are now beginning to be taken away due to people's forgetfulness of what happened.
Everyone is the same inside despite what we have on the outside. It doesn't matter what your religion is or colour because internally we are the same.
I have said about this thing before when there were attacks in the UK like those in Manchester and London and I will constantly say that we are all the same no matter what.
The best thing everyone can do right now is read history reports and things like that and learn what differences between now and then and see what is right or…

Not My Thing

As for one of the goodies I was given last month from #Amazon was a lipstick by #Bourjois.
It was lovely and soft to the lips.

It is a wand based lipstick so it could be classed as a gloss however I think it is actually matt lipstick.

The packaging is the normal excellence from #Bourjois and the wand is a fantastic shape.
Despite all these positives of the lipstick it wasn't my shade as shown in the picture below.
However it is a nice lipstick in consistency and packaging so I give it  3/5
If you are interested in ordering it to try for your self, here's the link BOURJOIS ROUGE EDITION VELVET LIQUID LIPSTICK 6.7ml - 09 HAPPY NUDE YEAR
Love Xxx

Sweet Coconut

When I was feeling a little low recently I decided to burn some candles and this was one of them. It smelt absolutely delicious. It was coconut obviously yet was so sweet and relaxing. It reminded me of ice cream as a child of how sweet it was back in the 70s and 80 s even as vanilla ice cream despite it being coconut