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Thats a Wrap

For the last four years I have been trying mlm (multi level marketing), and found that it is not my thing. I know that it does work for some people and I admire those who are doing fantastically in the business. However it is not a match for me.

I love writing and trying new things in the makeup and fashion industry as a disabled mum. 

So I will be going back to what I know and love the most. While dealing with life as a disabled person going through moods of depression and anxiety.
Love and Peace


Yum Yum

OK, so this month is going to be the month where things are on hold as such. Having to go out loads I am having food out. Most of the time I'm staying at the local Wetherspoons. I'm usually sitting where its light so I can do my videos. It's really good as I'm able to have my scooter beside me. I try to keep the scooter out of the way, for the other customers.

Being out as I said I have been eating loads. My favourite breakfast from Wetherspoons is the breakfast wrap. This is so delicious.

It has sausage, egg, bacon, hash brown all wrapped up in a soft tortilla. As a change, I switched to an Eggs Royale which is also yummy however it's not my fave. It has two poached eggs salmon and hollandaise sauce on an English Muffin.

I then had a Tandoori Chicken wrap which is really nice yet not something I would order very often as it has over 1000 calories and I think that I would put way too much weight on.

I even added a salad to this to try to make it a lighter choice. However, I don't think I will have it very often.

Then on Friday as I was only going to be in town on for lunch I decided again to pop into the Wetherspoons and I ordered a Southern Fried Chicken wrap with smoky chipotle mayo and chips.

This is one of my favourites lunches however I think I'm going to swap from chips to a salad. 

If you see me in my local don't be afraid to say hi.

Love and Peace



Boy Time

Al though there has been an awful amount of horrific events during half term last week I spent time with my kids and did various lives that are on my you tube channel Sweetestmoondust You Tube and one of the days I spent the day with my boy and we went to our local JD Wetherspoons for lunch and this is what we chose

As it was an early lunch we were able to pick something light and chose the breakfast wrap. Omg it was heaven. It has a  fried egg, sausage, bacon and a hash brown. My son had a caramel frappuccino and I had a mocha which isn't as nice as some that I have had. If you get a chance to eat at your local then do.