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World Press Freedom Day Uncovered

So it is a sleepy Sunday in the #Uk and most people have got their Sunday paper to read and discuss with family members or if on their own to find out more in-depth about what is going on in the world nationally and nationally.

They may also have the local paper delivered to find out what is going in the local area.

This happens in most countries and today is known as World Press Freedom Day. 

Set up in 1993 by the United Nations to celebrate the freedom of the press and its ability to report on anything that it deems important. However, whatever and whoever it thinks is important.

Last year the theme was "Media for Democracy: Journalism and Elections in Times of Disinformation" and this year I have the feeling that this year the theme will be "Covid 19 and How the World Delt With It?"

There are so many forms of press these days too.

In 1980 the press began to move things online and as a student in the 1990s I was able to research topics that I needed to whilst doing my GCSEs and As levels at college. And now nearly everyone reads their news off the internet via some kind of technology. Whether it be a mobile phone, tablet, laptop or pc and everyone can be a journalist of some sort or another.

Before all this, though everyone got their news from the newspaper. You would see the latest about what happened politically, socially, both nationally and internationally. Although the news might be a day or two later than when it actually happened as getting it quickly meant actually getting people to interview people and get the information that was needed then writing an article on the topic in question.

Nowadays news can and is put out as it happens which can be useful yet at times can be dangerous because of things can be said out of context and make a situation worse.

A lot of the time it is because of the general public interest for gossip and famous people. At times some people want to become famous yet don't realise that their lives are under so much scrutiny these days that everything they do and say and can be misconstrued.

So my question is "What Is The Freedom of The Press?"

Before all this instant access that is a double-edged sword, there was the time that things were reported after being subjected to some kind of code of conduct.
Is this code of conduct needed now?
That is a question everyone should think about because

What would you want others to know about you?

Because every time you put information or anything on Facebook or the internet in any form anyone can search for you and know everything about you.

So now the question can be changed into these forms.

What do you want to know about what is going on around you locally, nationally and internationally?
What is important to know?
Who is important to know about?

Because of these questions, it has been twisted at times particularly from the 50s and 60s to now, in the UK. I am not here to put blame on any form of the press but it comes from peoples greed of knowledge and gossip.

People are very social human beings but they also want privacy.  Yet these lines are blurred and things are being done and said that makes no sense except to make stories.

So is this code of conduct that was followed up until the 50s and 60s still relevant?

When isn't the point of the press though meant to be reporting the truth rather than telling stories full of half-truths. 

Therefore isn't the code required to make people accountable to what is being said?

Rather than having the press in whatever form being sued for saying something that isn't true.

Understandably there has to be some sort of legal procedure too especially as information has been got in very dubious ways which shouldn't be appropriate.

Many papers have been sued for various reasons over the last 30 years because they got information in dubious and quite possibly illegal ways. Therefore having to close down or payout copious amounts of money or even both.

Unfortunately these days in some respect the fact that anyone can be press reporters there is so much crossed wires that no one seems to know the moral of right or wrong.

Another way of saying it would be what is truth or lies???

Also, the press can be swayed to support a particular political stance rather than just facts making the general public think the way the political party want them to.

So, for now, the question is "Is there need for the press in the formal sense of newspapers?".

I would love to know what you think about this topic.

Love and Peace


My take on doing make up during the hot weather

The amazing weather happening at the moment in UK is really hot. So I am not really wearing any makeup because I find that it is really hard to wear make up when it's so hot. I find that I sweat so much that the makeup slips. So what I do is literally maintain my skin routine.

My routine is a gentle wash then a cleanser and toner before a moistureriser which has a spf in them. 

Sometimes I use a cc cream to even out my skin tone if I am going out and I ensure that the cc cream also has spf in it.

If I feel like it I will put on a mascara and a lipstick or gloss. No eyeshadow because as I sweat so much I don't bother. The products I use are from #FMWorld 


A Week On

Last week I used the Aloe Vera Peel Mask from FM World and found that it had worked really well straight away. My initial review is Soft and Gentle Skin and I am completely bowled over by the mask as my skin has really improved since I did it last week and today.

The picture above was taken in December while I was with another company and couldn't afford the products to look after my skin.

This picture is of the mask in the process of drying during the first time doing it.

The picture above I took today before doing it again today.

And this picture is of just after I had peeled off the mask for the second time. I honestly can say that this mask is amazing. It is gentle enough for young people to use. I have given it to my daughter who is 10 years old and only left it on her face for 10 minutes and then peeled it off, whereas I left it on for the full 20 minutes. I then used a new product from FM World for me to tone my skin after taking it off. I have a YouTube video that shows how I put it on the mask and the link is Monday Mask

I can change my scoring of the mask from a 4/5 to a 5/5 because of its effectiveness to my skin and how much better it is. 

Love and Peace.


What A Way to Start the Day

Oh, my goodness what a fantastic start to the day. I have ordered from the company I joined their coffee and tea. so I started with the coffee. I chose this because this version of the coffee helps your metabolism. I have only had two cups of this over the last 3 days and am learning how to make it.

I have a coffee filter machine.

and made it using 4 teaspoons full of coffee the first time, however, found that it was slightly gritty so I made it again this morning with half the amount of coffee and found that it wasn't.

It has a pleasant taste that goes down well with no real aftertaste  

I can't review the metabolism side of things as of yet as I have only had a couple of cups.

So on taste, I give the coffee 4/5

Love and Peace



Excitement begins

This morning the most important things arrived for my next step in my career as a network business owner for the company FM World. I can't wait to show you them so will put them on my next proper big post as I have had to completely format the laptop that I write my blog so nothing is on it at the moment other than the minimal. The last couple of days I have been working in the back-office of my business and so blogs have been a little bit bland. From now they should be brighter and more informative.

Love & Peace



A great saying

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