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Personal changes that make me!

OK so some of you may know that I am a disabled mum of twins and my budget is tight.
So to be able to buy new clothes just for me has been a monumental change to what I have been used to so I went a bit crazy over a few days and bought a lot of things that changed my wardrobe in a big way.
The picture above is of everything I got in my first order. I haven't worn everything yet as only had the things for a day or two.
This morning I picked my first thing to wear.

Unusual for me is this monochrome dress. Which is flowers and birds. I totally love it.

It's perfect for all year round as it's got long sleaves. You can then pair it with tights, jeans or leggings. Or just on its own on a particulary hot day.
Above I'm wearing it with leggings. I totally love it as it's floaty as well. This I think is going to be my favourite and one of the key pieces I will be wearing often through out the year.