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Boys parcel

So after seeing what his sister received from Debbie Lynes and her amazing company my son decided that he wanted one too. And asking a few questions about what my son was interested in. Debbie sent an awesome parcel for the same price as my daughter's and the photo below is what she had sent for him.
In, the box there was sweets, a bath bomb, small notebook, pencil set, mini candle smelling of French vanilla and some mini melts that can be used on oil burners. He seriously loved having this box and I was thinking about still having one myself I asked if we could have a family box rather than individual ones as this would be financially better for both myself and Debbie. 
In a previous post I linked Debbie's email address and her Facebook page. So again as you have seen this I will relink my previous post so you can get the info from there.

Let me know what you think.



A quiet week

This week has been quiet sure to a poorly boy so been looking after him and doing a little work. I have things planned and want to do them for you all. I hope you liked the post regarding #DebbieLynes. She is an amazing person who thinks very carefully about the boxes she sends out.  My little girl had hers yesterday and used the mango bath bomb last night. She was also given sweets and a bag with a compete nail care kit in it. A pen was also in the box and some mini soya wax melts. It was such a hit that my boy wants his own version.

More posts next week.


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