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Sweaty Betty

Quite literally. 
With messy hair and I don't care. Loving the summer ❤️💖❤️ 


Really This is Ridiculous!

The last few weeks have been a shift in my life. 

As a blogger and passionate about make up to help me feel great about me, not just looking good. Because there is a lot of days, when I have felt so low that I haven't bothered.

No makeup 

With make-up on. 

Yet a huge change for me personally was triggered two weeks ago on Friday this week. I was in town and my eyes were streaming. They were itchy and felt like sandpaper at the back. And my nose was like a hosepipe and I couldn't see! 

I was seeing a team member and couldn't concentrate, see or anything. And after explaining my symptoms to her. She said that I was likely to be suffering from "Hayfever". 

I'm in my mid 40s and end up having this disease which I had never even considered that I would ever HAVE and I was like WHAT? REALLY! and ended up sleeping for most of the evening and then staying in at home for the weekend. 

On the Monday morning I went to the gp and explained what happened and what my symptoms were and he said the same as my team member so I was getting used to having it and taking the things that ease the symptoms. 

I empathise completely with people who have had it for years and have the problems of wearing make-up while having streaming eyes and runny noses. 

So haven't worn any make up since having it. However as a beginner in this situation I decided to have my usual pamper time I discussed with a beautician who also has it and said that the only way she manages is by using waterproof eye products. And this week I got a few waterproof eye products. 

And I can't wait to really have a bit of fun with them. My first thing to test is eyeshadow base as I also have been having sweaty eyelids and I want to be able to wear eye makeup without it slipping off! Who can relate? 

So over the next few days I will be playing with just the eye primer. I will be doing a review on Just the primer and how it copes with the humidity of the UK. 

Love and Peace