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The Shimmer Effect

There are tons of different types of highlighters to be used. Right now being a busy mum I'm currently using stick ones

This is #Collection #Speedy #Highlighter and I love it. 


It's so simple to use and lasts ages.

Yes this is on my hand but it has a beautiful shimmer

This is my favourite look using it.

Collection is in @Superdrug at a fabulous price of £3.99. So really worth the money.

As a starting point for highlighters it amazing

I give it 4/5

Love & Peace 



Sparkling Surprise

Well as I said I was going to post up about having my nails done at my local Superdrug and I was pleasantly surprised with the treatment I was given.

You do your shopping as normal and pay for the treatment that you require before going to the treatment area. I had gel nails reapplied after being done somewhere else previously. The nail technician was incredibly knowledgeable and friendly.

She had to get my previous gel off which took quite a lot of time. This was because rather than using the electronic file to roughen the gel she used a proper nail file. Then with my nails covered in foil with cotton pads on each finger I had time to choose the colour/colours that I wanted.

The foil wraps to remove the gel is very clever in the sense that the cotton pad is attached to the foil. To which the technician soaked the pad with remover. The company the technician is trained by is #Orly which is a really well known company that looks after your nails and hands.

After this was done she then buffed my nails with a manual buffer. I have never had my nails buffer so well as I did at the nail bar in my local Superdrug. Then the nail gel was applied in the normal way.

As a mum I asked what age when it would be able to do for my daughter and the technician said 16 as everything is still developing however a standard nail polish could be applied.

She also mentioned the aftercare for my own nails in which she said that I mustn't wash up or wash my hair for 24 hours as the gel is still setting internally and to obviously put cuticle oil on daily.

The pictures above are the result of my treatment and I absolutely love it. 
I would really recommend that you check out your local store and see what they do as mine is also in the process of doing eyebrow and lash treatments. 
Thank you Roo for doing my nails. I certainly will be back 

I give the place 5/5



A peaceful day

Today has been a quiet day. I had lovely lunch with a friend and delivering an order to another. And spent the afternoon at home working. On my trip to town I discover that #Superdrug in my local town now has a nail and brow bar which is a brilliant idea as some places that are in the area are not as good as they may be. So I will be making a trip to them to check them out over the next few days and I can't wait.

The places that I have been to are good yet I want to check out #Superdrug because I want to see what the differences are. The prices are relatively decent as some are ridiculously expensive. I will let you know what they are like when I go.




NYC City Proof


So this is what I brought from Superdrug this morning. It's a new mascara for me as I have never used the company before but being on a tight budget this week I thought I would give it a try. Another make that I am interested in is Makeup Revolution which Pixi Palmer uses. I have got a blush set which is the one below


And I love it. I use it mainly in the autumn and winter as I use bronzers in spring and summer, however I think will be using this bronzer, this autumn too as its light enough.


It's by my little makeup which is the in house makeup for My Little Box.

Today so far though I've only put on the new mascara as I wanted to try it out.

I layered with the mascara this afternoon and my eyes went all weepy so that's a no go for NYC City Proof mascara. Next time I'll try the mascara from MakeupRevolution.


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Looking forward to trying this


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I most definately will be trying these


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