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A busy week ahead

This week is a bit of a busy one so this week is a no makeup week. 

Which means that it is a fantastic opportunity for me to concentrate on my skin. 

It is late summer and the season change is upon us. I will be using my trusted skincare from #Superdrug which is their own Vitamin E range. It is a reasonable price of around £3 per part of the range. 



Sunshine Skin

This bb cream by #Rimmel is absolutely brilliant for a simple sunny tinted skin. 

All while having spf 15 in it. I have it in medium as I like to look as if I have caught the sun without burning my skin. 

Also as busy mum it speeds up makeup looks without worrying about too much hassle. 

It is a really well priced product which you can get in most places such as #Superdrug #Boots even in Tesco and #Amazon. RIMMEL LONDON BB Cream 9-IN-1 Skin Perfection Super Makeup - Medium is its proper name. After looking for a BBcream and not finding one that fitted my idea of what I need in the summer as I only wear foundation in the winter. 

I found this and love it. I even can add a liquid highlighter making my skin even more dewy.

As a BB cream I give it 4/5


Something to think about

Editors skin care routine from Who What Wear

I read this article and found it very useful and insightful. Definitely worth the read through and make your own decision on what's the best way to look after your skin 


Skincare Changes

Since having the diagnosis of hayfever. Skincare has been a monumental important role in the change of what I do and what order I have to do things. 

Wither it be medication particularly the eye drops or the makeup. You may say it doesn't matter however it does. 

Doing the eye drops first is important as it settles the eyes down from the irritation caused by what ever pollen that triggers the hayfever in you.

In the next few weeks I will be blogging about my own skincare routine and dealing with makeup in the heat of summer and pollen season.

Love and Peace 



My take on doing make up during the hot weather

The amazing weather happening at the moment in UK is really hot. So I am not really wearing any makeup because I find that it is really hard to wear make up when it's so hot. I find that I sweat so much that the makeup slips. So what I do is literally maintain my skin routine.

My routine is a gentle wash then a cleanser and toner before a moistureriser which has a spf in them. 

Sometimes I use a cc cream to even out my skin tone if I am going out and I ensure that the cc cream also has spf in it.

If I feel like it I will put on a mascara and a lipstick or gloss. No eyeshadow because as I sweat so much I don't bother. The products I use are from #FMWorld 


Good Morning

Every day your day starts with you getting up and getting yourself sorted. The first thing you do is to get your skin prepared for the day ahead. The first thing you do is to cleanse your face after your night's sleep.
For me, I use this 3 in 1 by FM World.

This cleanser is amazing and really helps me deal with my psoriasis. I use a cotton pad and put a little of the cleanser and wipe it all over my face. It gently gets rid of the grime in my face from the night before getting ready for the day ahead. While preparing my face for wearing makeup for the day. 

This is the first thing I use every morning before using other products which will be blogged about in the future.

Love and Peace


Make-up free Monday

A quick make-up free Monday shot

Adding to My Skin Routine

Ok so after restarting my skin routine for my face and falling in love with the products from FM World I decided to add to it. After starting with the Aloe Vera Peel Face Mask, finding how good it is and posting a review Soft-and-Gentle and then adding to the regime the I bought the toner and cleanser for removing makeup that I wore that day.

I start by using this cleanser with the face cloth,
which is silky smooth and so gentle on your skin that you don't really see that it is working until you see what the cleanser has taken off. It is absolutely brilliant. This has made me feel like putting on makeup more as I have seen a great difference in my skin.
 Then after that, I use the toner from FM World and it is totally fantastic.
It is a gel form toner which you leave on to dry. So for me that means going from the bathroom to bedroom before putting on my moisturiser which at the moment is E45 general moisturiser for dry skin which is also helping my skin, however, I am looking at getting FM World night time moisturiser specifically for anti-ageing so will be reviewing that once I have got hold of it.

As I have been using the toner for a few days I will do a proper review of the item. For now, though I will be scoring the product at 3.5/5.

Love and Peace


A Week On

Last week I used the Aloe Vera Peel Mask from FM World and found that it had worked really well straight away. My initial review is Soft and Gentle Skin and I am completely bowled over by the mask as my skin has really improved since I did it last week and today.

The picture above was taken in December while I was with another company and couldn't afford the products to look after my skin.

This picture is of the mask in the process of drying during the first time doing it.

The picture above I took today before doing it again today.

And this picture is of just after I had peeled off the mask for the second time. I honestly can say that this mask is amazing. It is gentle enough for young people to use. I have given it to my daughter who is 10 years old and only left it on her face for 10 minutes and then peeled it off, whereas I left it on for the full 20 minutes. I then used a new product from FM World for me to tone my skin after taking it off. I have a YouTube video that shows how I put it on the mask and the link is Monday Mask

I can change my scoring of the mask from a 4/5 to a 5/5 because of its effectiveness to my skin and how much better it is. 

Love and Peace.


Soft and Gentle Skin

After a serious amount of time of not really looking after my skin because I couldn't afford masks to help my skin. I decided that one of the things I really needed to get from the company FM World was their Aloe Vera peel mask.

The price of the mask is £8.69 and is absolutely brilliant. It is a green gel that you put only a light coverage on using a mask spatula and leave to dry for up to 20mins. At this point, your skin is made taught and you crack the mask to make it possible to peel off.

The picture above is the mask just before it starts to dry and you feel it tightening. I set a timer for 20 mins so that I didn't forget because I have missed caring for my skin like this. Because the company before I worked with had really good masks for different types of skin. However, they did not have a mask for my skin type and are extremely expensive. So I switched to FM World and found this absolutely fantastic as it is for all types and a brilliant price. My skin is so much better thanks to this mask.

There isn't a good picture of my skin being so good however I can feel the difference even after one application.
I give this mask  4/5

Love and Peace


Fairy Soft

This is the most brilliant wash other than my usual face wash as its suds are so soft and gentle. I cleaned my face with it once and loved it. It smells of fresh flowers reminiscent of the original scent of  Johnson's baby wash back in the day. I love this smell as it brings back happy memories of being with my Great GrandMother in Sunderland.

It cleans my skin beautifully and gently making it feel so soft. As a switching cleanser for my skin on my face and body, I would most definitely be recommending it.

I will give this wash 4 1/2 out of 5.




I  have been given a few goodies to review. and I can not wait to review them for you.
I really can't wait to tell you my views on these products


My Latest video

The latest video I have done is my first parcel after rejoining #PinkParcel. I actually had Pink Parcel over a year ago and I have gone back to them because it's the best thing to being able to do things without worrying about your monthly as Pink Parcel caters for you during that time while also spoiling you for that time.

I am a younique presenter yet I love trying different makeup and skin care before letting my little girl have the things that I don't need or want so my next few blogs will be about the things that I got from my June parcel.