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First thoughts

In this post I'm just writing my initial thoughts on the book Arsenic in the Azaleas by Dale Mayer.

I am really enjoying this book and loving the characters in it. 

Feeling frustrated for some and annoyance of others because of what they are upto. I Dare not say too much as I would be giving spoilers and I don't like doing that.

Fair to say though that it is a warm and cosy mystery that you can relax with and unwind.

More to say in the final book review coming soon. 

Love & Peace 



New book review soon

I have been working on so many projects on the go recently that my book reviews have been quite lax and it's been plaguing my mind.

So I have decided to change that. There's will be a few different types of books that I will be reviewing including self help ones as I am a business entrepreneur as well.

If you have any ideas of what books you would like me to review don't hesitate to contact me. 

Love and Peace 



A Modern Twist To a Classic Style

Dragma's Keep (Valdaar's Fist Book 1)
by Vance Pumphrey.

I gave this book 3 star because it was very like a classic of Tolkien using modern English rather than something individual and special.

It is a shame that there was not enough description of the environment and how the characters did things. For example "...whipped their neck round..." is a simplistic description whereas I would have said something like ”whipped their neck round with the sensation of a crack as they did so,..."
That maybe grammatically wrong however I felt that there was not enough.

I would recommend this book for 15years old and up because of the rude language.

However if that was changed then I would say younger.



Operation Hail Storm Brent Arquette

I am sorry to say that this book is not what I expected as a book. I found it to be one of the hardest books to read. I wanted to be lead reading this book through the facts of the operation as an eyewitness. I am sorry to say that it came across as a bit of a jumble. As a fellow author I found that it was a collection of notes rather than an actual representation of an event or story. which is why I give it two stars. For me it was an easy decision to make because although I love books this was not my favourite by far


October's Pink Parcel

It is the first of  November and as said before I had a chaotic October so this post is a little later than planned.

Every month thanks to Pink Parcel I get a box of goodies and October was no different. Along with the usual requirements for my monthly, I receive goodies to cheer me up. This month
came the above goodies.

I have chosen three of the goodies to review this time and they are the mua whipped velvet blush, Cougar eyeshadow and the face brush by Blank Canvas.

I received a small sample of a Cougar eyeshadow which I have used once and love despite being a Younique Presenter with Sweetestmoondust At Younique

I love the pigmentation of it. Stupidly I have not got a photo of the colour or me wearing it. However, I found that it lasted ages and stayed all day. The company Cougar do have their own website and they do a set of eyeshadows mineral based colours at cougar beauty products and although I do love it I will be continuing to use my own stuff from Younique. 

MUA Whipped Velvet Blush is just brilliant.

I absolutely love this product. It is one of the cheaper products I am reviewing but it is my absolute favourite. The best way to use this product is to use your fingers as they apply just the right amount. It does feel exactly like velvet to the fingertips. You can use it as a single layer just to give you a little bit of shimmer or layer it to intensify the colour of it. Personally, I just used it as a bit of shimmer on top of my cheekbones to highlight them and it lasts a long time. is the store for MUA which directly takes you to the blush section. As a cheaper alternative to younique, I really love it.

Face Brush by Blank Canvas, oh my goodness I think this is a really good brush because although it is a firmer type of face brush than most I found that actually, it spreads more evenly than a softer brush as my skin is possibly older than some who put on. I love it and will add it to my growing collection of brushes.  This is the link to the direct brush -f01-quick-brush

More blogs soon

Love and Peace



I  have been given a few goodies to review. and I can not wait to review them for you.
I really can't wait to tell you my views on these products


Oh My Goodness

This week is a good one so far and a productive one at that. The kids party has been sorted and planned. I have been able to pop a few things into places to advertise my Younique business. This week I am working on finishing a book to review and I have a few other things planned to review too.
Cerebral palsy this week has been level although left me to be tired last night when I had managed do so much. Today I am working on the book that needs reviewing and planning more to this week.


A Busy Bee

So I have been quiet on here for a while and I am sorry for that. I have been working on other projects that are amazing some of them I have already mentioned on here before, others I have not. I am loving what is going on and am grateful for everyone who is involved. I know that you probably think that I had forgotten about you all but I had not. Timing has not been on my side and so I have let things slip. Over the next few weeks I will be posting few posts including a few reviews.
On that note I will finish it for now


Cerebral palsy battle

The last week has been a battle with cerebral palsy it is part of me but it doesn't define me in any way. The things going on have been personal so I have been quiet because of it. I'm loving the way things are working out though and things are being more positive. This last week has been challenging and worth it so trying to plan things in advance but if I am quiet I am sorry.
There are two electronic reviews coming up from me too along with make up looks, product reviews, and a book review or two.
If there is anything you want to know don't forget to leave me a message and I will be happy to answer the questions.


Five days on

So today is five days on from when I last posted. Things are more positive and I am glad and grateful for the opportunities that have come across my way recently. The kids are going back to school in two weeks so what I am planning to do is do more blogs and reviews during term time as things are a bit crazy during the holidays. I will be doing a blog about a great little drone that is relatively cheap in the next few days as my kids have loved playing with it.

More soon



Ok ok

I have been quiet on here as things haven't been exactly going as planned but I love what I do and will post when I can. Sometimes I have wanted to post but have had problems putting in a photo so I feel I can't. As there is much more to the particular story I'm trying to portray with the picture but can't because I can't load I don't have time to do it via the laptop being a mum.

But anyway I will post when I can and do more reviews of products when I get a chance.