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Today is one of those days where sleep is wanted

It's one of those days where I feel like I want to sleep. I'm not low just sleepy I think it is because the winter has really set in. I can't wait for the 21st of december it means that the sunlight is on its way back and I won't be wanting to sleep. S.A.D along with everything else it stinks. I am in a mode where I am trying to be organised but yet I can't get my head together enough to be completely organised and actually do the the things that need to be done. My hubby bought me Sprinkle of Glitter's diary and I can't wait to look at it and to get my dreams in order get what what I want. But what do I want that is the question?

Today I got the loveliest review of my book of poems Questions

which is is in kindle version and physical version out now along with my second book called More Questions also in Kindle and physical version

Please check them out

Two books out

This is just a quick blog to say I have two books out on Amazon called "questions" and "more questions"  they are in physical and kindle version.