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First thoughts! Honor 6x

I have been given a #Honor 6x by my hubby and these are my first day opinions as a disabled person using such a high end phone.
I have had this phone to 24hours and have pretty much fallen in love with it. It is a high end phone costing £224.99 on Amazon. It is a large device with a 5.5in screen and has a 3.5 earphone jack unlike the new iPhone. However it does have a fingerprint sensor and in the UK it does have NFC which only is on the European model not the USA model.
I haven't played very much with the cameras as it has two back cameras one is 12mp and a 2mp which look as if it can take good sharpe pictures and the front facing camera is an awesome #Selfie pictures as it is a 8mp camera. 
I will be posting a more detailed blog in a week or two.

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