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So its nearly Christmas.

Today I am beginning to feel more christmassy I'm listening to Christmas music while writing this blog. I am no near being ready for the big day. Kids presents aren't got hubbies present isn't got and the food isn't completely got and although we have a new tree its still bare as we hadn't enough decorations so I popped in to primark and got 50 baubles for £5 so if you haven't had a chance yet then try to pop in and get some. They are the classical red and gold but really pretty, a pure bargain for the price and they probably will last at least a couple of years

Later today the family and I are having a meal at a local place I've never been to so will blog that later. I'm wearing a red dress with leggings so I will finish the cup of tea and then start getting ready. I'll check my book #easyontheeyes by #LisaPotterDixon from #benefit for a make up look for today. So I'll blog that too later today with a photo.


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