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The Craziness

There is a lot of changes in the world. None so much, as what is going on here at home. The future is brighter than it has been in a long time.

I realise that there has been dullness in my blog. Talk of time management and blocking because of Covid19 and the changes. But none of the talks of makeup and other things, that I am passionate about. However, the lack of freedom and other things made me morbid and unwilling to write about anything exciting. There are lots of things that are positive, happening now, making it a happier future. I am excited about it.

I am excited about the future despite aspects of uncertainty. Knowing that I am in some sort of control even if there are bits that I can't, it doesn't matter. I am feeling a lot better and things are arriving in my mind that I can write about.

I have been writing my blog in my home of twenty-two years. Things have been almost the same over the last five years. With the change of home, the transformation will be here too.

There has already a small change that has happened. I cannot wait for you all to see it come to fruition in the next seasonal quarter.

Love & Peace


A busy week ahead

This week is a bit of a busy one so this week is a no makeup week. 

Which means that it is a fantastic opportunity for me to concentrate on my skin. 

It is late summer and the season change is upon us. I will be using my trusted skincare from #Superdrug which is their own Vitamin E range. It is a reasonable price of around £3 per part of the range. 


As the change begins

I spotted this article and thought it would be interesting to see what would be best for the changes in the season colours and what's not toxic to the planet and you. New non toxic products.   Let me know what you think!


This is a fab article

Check out the article about what's new makeup coming out 


To Me This Is Important

Cruelty-Free Products that People swear by
It is difficult to love makeup and not know that some companies are using animals to test makeup. And what can cause irritation in the process of making the products.
There are fabulous options that are available while being cruelty free and in the article linked above there are plenty of products that are used consistently and are favourites.
Love & Peace


This is a fabulous Article

Makeup Tips with Cheap Makeup

Not everyone can afford expensive makeup and this article gives fabulous tips on how to use cheaper products to make the same fantastic looks.

I love the article it has given me so many ideas. 

Love & Peace



The Shimmer Effect

There are tons of different types of highlighters to be used. Right now being a busy mum I'm currently using stick ones

This is #Collection #Speedy #Highlighter and I love it. 


It's so simple to use and lasts ages.

Yes this is on my hand but it has a beautiful shimmer

This is my favourite look using it.

Collection is in @Superdrug at a fabulous price of £3.99. So really worth the money.

As a starting point for highlighters it amazing

I give it 4/5

Love & Peace 



Makeup post on hold

I had planned in the last week to put out a post about my own makeup. What I use daily and what I use for special occasions.

However I have had a bit of time having a bad patch. Being frustrated and unable to do things because my cerebral palsy and endometriosis have been causing problems, making me feel like I'm enadiquate and useless. 

I know that it's not true. However the feeling has been like a whirlpool, where I am slowly sinking. 

And in my usual days of feeling lowI watched a couple of episodes of the show "Northern Rescue" on @netflix and I cried. That day was today. 

The series is about a family and how they cope with life after the death of a family member. 

So it can be a emotional roller-coaster watching. And as I said at the beginning I cried. And I am feeling so much better after that cry. 

It was like a release of tension and a way of getting rid of the block of negative feelings.

I was so enspired that I could actually write this post on my feelings regarding what I have felt and what I have done to get through those feelings in order to get myself back in to the feeling of posting and giving an explanation on why I hadn't done the makeup post 


A Fresh New Look

Today's look was done with #MakeupRevolution and  #Rimmel only. I did this to see how quick I could just do my face with a couple of items. Personally I has made me feel that it is OK just to do this minimal look when time is of the essence. 

Love and Peace 



Thats a Wrap

For the last four years I have been trying mlm (multi level marketing), and found that it is not my thing. I know that it does work for some people and I admire those who are doing fantastically in the business. However it is not a match for me.

I love writing and trying new things in the makeup and fashion industry as a disabled mum. 

So I will be going back to what I know and love the most. While dealing with life as a disabled person going through moods of depression and anxiety.
Love and Peace