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The Craziness

There is a lot of changes in the world. None so much, as what is going on here at home. The future is brighter than it has been in a long time.

I realise that there has been dullness in my blog. Talk of time management and blocking because of Covid19 and the changes. But none of the talks of makeup and other things, that I am passionate about. However, the lack of freedom and other things made me morbid and unwilling to write about anything exciting. There are lots of things that are positive, happening now, making it a happier future. I am excited about it.

I am excited about the future despite aspects of uncertainty. Knowing that I am in some sort of control even if there are bits that I can't, it doesn't matter. I am feeling a lot better and things are arriving in my mind that I can write about.

I have been writing my blog in my home of twenty-two years. Things have been almost the same over the last five years. With the change of home, the transformation will be here too.

There has already a small change that has happened. I cannot wait for you all to see it come to fruition in the next seasonal quarter.

Love & Peace


4 Things You Can Learn from Studying Makeup of Princess Leia

So its May the Fourth. "May the Force be With You" as the saying goes.

What are you doing in this unprecedented time? Are you having an impromptu Star Wars Party without the costumes?

What about the simple makeup look that Princess Leia wears in the film "A New Hope"?

In the beginning, it was the seventies and there was nothing quite like it. George Lucas made a change in the world of the movie world. Yet makeup-wise nothing is as quite as iconic as Carrie Fisher's makeup and hair.

Carrie Fisher was the daughter of one of the old school Hollywood Power couples of the 50s, Debbie Reynolds and Eddie Fisher. While also being a comedian and actress She also was the mother of Billie Cathrine Lourd who is in the later star wars movies.

Carrie died of cardiac arrest 26th December 2016.

In the first scene that you see Princess Leia, she is wearing heavy black eyeliner yet neutral eyes with a strong pink blush and a nude lipstick.

In the next scene, we see her being held by Darth Vader and the makeup she is wearing neutral greys as a subtle eyeshadow with pale blush and pink lips

In other scenes, she is wearing subtle dark shades shadows with brightness with the use of lipsticks. Due to the darkness of the story, the makeup lightens the mood a little.

The final scene is when she is wearing orange, brown eyes with again a neutral blush and bright lipsticks as it is when she is giving medals to Han Solo, Luke Skywalker, and Chewbacca.

These looks are very simply done yet can be done badly. 

Chose the right tones that fit your eye colour as well as your skin tone. Otherwise, they can come across as stark and shocking which is not what I perceive the makeup was mean to do in the movie.

Make sure you remember to have fun.


Really This is Ridiculous!

The last few weeks have been a shift in my life. 

As a blogger and passionate about make up to help me feel great about me, not just looking good. Because there is a lot of days, when I have felt so low that I haven't bothered.

No makeup 

With make-up on. 

Yet a huge change for me personally was triggered two weeks ago on Friday this week. I was in town and my eyes were streaming. They were itchy and felt like sandpaper at the back. And my nose was like a hosepipe and I couldn't see! 

I was seeing a team member and couldn't concentrate, see or anything. And after explaining my symptoms to her. She said that I was likely to be suffering from "Hayfever". 

I'm in my mid 40s and end up having this disease which I had never even considered that I would ever HAVE and I was like WHAT? REALLY! and ended up sleeping for most of the evening and then staying in at home for the weekend. 

On the Monday morning I went to the gp and explained what happened and what my symptoms were and he said the same as my team member so I was getting used to having it and taking the things that ease the symptoms. 

I empathise completely with people who have had it for years and have the problems of wearing make-up while having streaming eyes and runny noses. 

So haven't worn any make up since having it. However as a beginner in this situation I decided to have my usual pamper time I discussed with a beautician who also has it and said that the only way she manages is by using waterproof eye products. And this week I got a few waterproof eye products. 

And I can't wait to really have a bit of fun with them. My first thing to test is eyeshadow base as I also have been having sweaty eyelids and I want to be able to wear eye makeup without it slipping off! Who can relate? 

So over the next few days I will be playing with just the eye primer. I will be doing a review on Just the primer and how it copes with the humidity of the UK. 

Love and Peace 



Monday makeup tip

This is the second video in a series regarding how to do your makeup bit by bit. I hope you enjoy it.

Love and Peace


A Busy Lifestyle

Ok, who says that they are busy yet have time to catch up on box sets of TV. Yes, I know things sound crazy when you have things to do. Do you work in an office constantly using your brain and feeling like you haven't got what you need to be done? Well, think about it. What do you like doing?

Me I love make up and fashion and so to finish of any look you mewwd to have your nails so to be added to my repitior of things I do is nail wraps by Jamberry.

having the ability to help women feel good because they look good is part of my job and I love it.

So you see I do this as my job. I love it. What do you do? Do you love it? Because you see if you don't love what you do then whats the point of doing it? Yes going to a 9-5 job or a shift job pays the bills. It isn't the end be to end all. Knowing what you love and being able to do it as your job isn't that the best feeling?

If you want to know more about Jamberry or Younique then don't hesitate to contact me.

Love and Peace


A Make Up Lovers Dream

Being a makeup lover who loves everything about makeup I decided to get hold of a professional set of brushes to combine with my Sweetestmoondust At Younique set that I have. I wanted to get another set that would make it easier to do certain looks. So I looked around for a set that included everything for a reasonable price. After going through all the normal makeup companies I looked on Amazon which you can get via this link Makeup brushes.

It comes in a beautiful box.
This contains a faux black snakeskin roll 

Once opened it contains the following.

I absolutely love this set as it has everything any makeup artist wants starting with the eyebrow brush and the spooly for your lashes going through to the fantail brush for highlighting and finishing off your own look. 
I use my Younique set for everyday simple looks. If on the other hand, I want to do a more contempary glamorous look then I use this set.

I give this set 5/5 

Love and Peace



It is the last week of September coming. its the beginning of the last quarter of the year so makeup looks are changing yet again. Over the next few weeks, I am going to attempt to do some of the looks using my eyeshadow pallets. These include my #Younique #Pallets #3 and #5. As well as the individual colours that I own

I had also said at the beginning of August that there will be a book review. I am so sorry that I haven't had time. I will be doing one soon.

There will be no photos of me for a few weeks. I am not able to wash due to only having cold water right now so feel yuck. Can't wait till the wet room and central heating are completed.

This is what it looked like last week. I will put a picture or two up when I get a chance.

Love and Peace


My Latest video

The latest video I have done is my first parcel after rejoining #PinkParcel. I actually had Pink Parcel over a year ago and I have gone back to them because it's the best thing to being able to do things without worrying about your monthly as Pink Parcel caters for you during that time while also spoiling you for that time.

I am a younique presenter yet I love trying different makeup and skin care before letting my little girl have the things that I don't need or want so my next few blogs will be about the things that I got from my June parcel.



Such a Change from One Weekend to the Next

The weather has been completely changeable regarding the weather this week just gone ending on yet another gorgeous day. Saturday was a strange day as I fainted due to suffering from endometriosis so spent the day after fainting resting. Endometriosis is one of those conditions that has so many different stages so you could say I had a bad turn on it. Yesterday, on the other hand, was a brilliant one. I met a friend for coffee and I felt really good especially after putting on a simple makeup look.


I used my younique kit to get this look. First I did my eyebrows as this is an important starting point due to the fact that they frame your face and others can read your facial expressions. Then I did a simple eye look using my bronzer and the amazing 3D+ lashes mascara and a blue eyeliner just to make my eyes stand out. I then used my cream foundation in valour all over my face starting by my nose and thinning out at the frame of my face then using my bronzer again to warm up my face. I did this by starting on my cheeks going up onto my forehead then down onto my jaw making sure that I blended underneath to ensure that there was no line between my face and my neck. Finishing off with lipliner and my lipstick called vain.

The afternoon was spent chilling out and planning my week ahead before spending the evening relaxing with the family



Sorry For All The Mess Around

Hi, all  I am really sorry for the mess around recently. I have been working on this site for a few days and had some ideas that I wanted to combine a bit more in depth. That way I can concentrate on this and my three other main projects that I have wanted to concentrate on for a while.

I hope you like the changes I have done to the blog.

The biggest two changes are the fact I have got a Domain for my blog and the name change. Sweetestmoondustsstyle

Now I'm looking to add my Younique store to my place so that if I mention it when doing a blog there's access to my store through a button rather than a link. However, for now, I will just add the link. Younique By Sweetestmoondust like that one. I am seriously looking at how to do that as I love #Makeup #Fashion and #Books and want to incorporate it all into here rather than having to spread my posts.


love for now



A quiet few days

The last few days have been a bit of a challenge as there has been a family bereavement, however we must move on because dwelling on the past is not a good idea.

As the world changes daily its not worth it. So with this in mind I need to change my daily routine so that I can concentrate on what is necessary and walk away from the things that are holding me back...

I love writing my blog and yes I know sometimes it's a bit boring. My life is just average. I don't care though, I have cerebral palsy and clinical depression along with other problems, there are not many blogs about it.

I am still a woman, wife and mother and again these issues are not covered much while being disabled. There are many fantastic blogs that cover make up and clothes and some disabilities.

To combine everything though there are not many.  Especially motherhood while being disabled. So if I am quiet for a few days or weeks it is because I am having a bit of a challenge but I will be back.

For my readers I am very grateful for your patience with what and when each post is completed. I promise to try to get more done on a regular basis however if things that out of my control arise then please be patient for the next post.

I know this post is a bit serious about the topic however things need to be said before I move to the next level in this blog.



Cerebral palsy battle

The last week has been a battle with cerebral palsy it is part of me but it doesn't define me in any way. The things going on have been personal so I have been quiet because of it. I'm loving the way things are working out though and things are being more positive. This last week has been challenging and worth it so trying to plan things in advance but if I am quiet I am sorry.
There are two electronic reviews coming up from me too along with make up looks, product reviews, and a book review or two.
If there is anything you want to know don't forget to leave me a message and I will be happy to answer the questions.


The Beginning of Autumn

So the kids are going back to school next week back here in the UK and summer has been really gorgeous, so although I planned to wear make up I found that I sweated loads on my face so decided just wear a #Younique #LipBonBon and a mascara, with a touch of foundation by #Benefit #HelloFlawlessHoney .

Which is why I didn't blog as much about make up as I had planned. Plus I had been away so didn't want to take too much with me.

So as soon as the kids go back it's almost autumn so I began changing my seasonal make up. I do this so that my skin stays warm looking despite having an English Rose skin tone,which is pale and goes pink but looks washed out in winter. So in my next blog I will have the photos of what my autumn makeup is. Over the next few months #Younique is brining out some new products that i totally will get but right now I am still using products that i have had for a long time in my kit.

Yes I know I should change them regularly due to the possibility of infections, but just like every person I have held on to some of my favourites. One thing I have done is got rid of the foundation that I was using as it was perfect for summer and swapped it out for the autumn and winter one I use although I will be getting a new one from #Younique.

I have seen #Lisa Potter Dixon latest video which she shows how to do a #CopperSmokeyEye. It's completely stunning and wanted to use that as the basis of my autumn look that can be used continually using similar tones.

More blogs soon on this.



Learning a simpler life

Ok so life is good right now there are no regrets. I love makeup so things have changed again, sorry for messing things around but I'm in a great place and know I'm in the best place I can be right now.
I have been using #Younique for a while now and really love the products. As a White Status Presenter I started with the kit which is totally awesome
This is what the products all come in which is totally gorgeous.  The first look I wanted to do was a simple look as the product that I immediately fell in love with is the lip gloss called #LoveSick

So to show the lip gloss off I did a simple look

the eye shadow I am wearing is my bronzer which a really nice nude yet warm toned shade
what do you think?