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What is Broken?

The Cracks
I have been taking a bit of a break and helping with local issues. While helping my local candidate get into parliament here in the UK. And on Thursday the country goes to the vote. 
I'm not here to discuss the politics of the country. But the country has become broken because of the decisions that everyone has made and what the leaders have done with the decisions. 
So again the people have  are asked to make the decision yet again. Who is going to be in charge of big decisions of the country.
Yet it is not just the country that is broken. The whole very existence of the world is broken. 
The damage is all over the place. You may disagree with me on that. On the other hand you may agree with me. I see the damage through all types of things.
The Chips
The chips are the individual cracks that make up the world as a whole. So this is racism, religious views, political views and other opinions that people disagree with. From this though dispite the different opinions we are all e…

A Sunday look

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Something to think about


A fab quote


The Coffee Experience

OK so I went back to drinking my normal coffee and have now realised that I need to be drinking more black coffee rather than my favourite latte 😔. When I was having the americano I was up earlier, more awake and able to do much more during the day.So until I get more of my favourite coffee though amazon I will be drinking #fmworld coffee.Love and Peace

Listening to the Animals

There are many people who are amazing looking after the animals who are injured and I am in awe of them and their ability to looking after these animals. However one of the most influential and caring people who look after injured animals in my eyes is Professor Noel Fitzpatrick.

Professor Fitzpatrick is a leading veterinary surgeon who has saved animals in the most amazing ways. Another name he is known as is "The Supervet" and has a show on channel 4 in the UK, of the same name, where he shows how he does amazing operations saving animals in spectacular ways such as giving them as a new leg that is connected like the claws in "Wolverine".

He is human and has had things that have not worked ok. However, his attitude is that not just animals could have the same type of surgery but humans too.

I have often thought how wonderful that would be for the people who have lost limbs particularly legs so that they could walk. I also have wondered what made the professor th…

What a life

Oh my goodness what a life did Sam Giacanna have. The book "Double Jeopardy" tells you one side of the story. He was one of the most deadly people born in the old American style. A son of a immigrant who ended up a hugely respected gang leader part of the old league of gangsters which finished in the late 70s early 80s.His life started as a poor boy who was part of a gang of boys. Working his way up through the ranks. This meant killing people who had done wrong in the leaders eyes. Fairly quickly Sam grew up through the ranks taking over different gangs until he was one of the consortium members. Who gave orders for lower members to do various jobs, including hitmen. The biggest challenge was that fact that in a way the consortium controlled the USA politically. They never took sides as such but did hedge their bets on both. They were said to be helping both Nixon and Kennedy when they were going for the presidential elections by giving money to both parties.The stories tha…

A Busy Lifestyle

Ok, who says that they are busy yet have time to catch up on box sets of TV. Yes, I know things sound crazy when you have things to do. Do you work in an office constantly using your brain and feeling like you haven't got what you need to be done? Well, think about it. What do you like doing?

Me I love make up and fashion and so to finish of any look you mewwd to have your nails so to be added to my repitior of things I do is nail wraps by Jamberry.

having the ability to help women feel good because they look good is part of my job and I love it.

So you see I do this as my job. I love it. What do you do? Do you love it? Because you see if you don't love what you do then whats the point of doing it? Yes going to a 9-5 job or a shift job pays the bills. It isn't the end be to end all. Knowing what you love and being able to do it as your job isn't that the best feeling?

If you want to know more about Jamberry or Younique then don't hesitate to contact me.

Love and P…

A Monday

So here we are again. It's a Monday morning and I have been super busy with the family. Life has been a bit of crazy one due to family events to which have been amazing and brilliantly shone. Now though it it's my time to shine because I know I can and I will. I have an amazing people who are supporting me. I am very thankful for those who are. I am also extremely happy in the sense that I am starting to feel more calm thanks to the latest addition to the family in the form of the kitten.

She is so calming and makes everyone relaxed written we used to be so stressed. I know lots of people don't think about it but having a pet really does help.

Also this morning while going through my marketing apps and one of them is instagram and one of my favourite vloggers posted an amazing post about fighting for themselves and hustling right to the end. Their name is @marzabargaming so go ahead check them out because what they say is so important that you do things for you and your s…


I love these roses from my local store they only cost £3.

A Lovely Time

So last week when the horrors of the world were happening I was away in one of the most beautiful places in the UK that I know of. It is the family's happy place and we had a two-year break from it which was a big mistake.

When we arrived it felt like coming home. it was so relaxing and made us happy to be there, after the long trip to get there.

We arrived and the pictures below show what the caravan looks like
without going into the master bedroom which I didn't take any pictures of it. The size of our caravan was 36ft by 12ft. We had at least one meal out while there despite being on a limited budget. 

These were just selections of things we had including a #BurgerKing
The views are amazing and include 
There are so many things to do, like having the classic English seaside day of sitting on the beach, playing in the arcades, seeing a live show or even just chilling out in our caravan.
We can't wait to go back next year
Love and Peace

Sparkling Surprise

Well as I said I was going to post up about having my nails done at my local Superdrug and I was pleasantly surprised with the treatment I was given.

You do your shopping as normal and pay for the treatment that you require before going to the treatment area. I had gel nails reapplied after being done somewhere else previously. The nail technician was incredibly knowledgeable and friendly.

She had to get my previous gel off which took quite a lot of time. This was because rather than using the electronic file to roughen the gel she used a proper nail file. Then with my nails covered in foil with cotton pads on each finger I had time to choose the colour/colours that I wanted.

The foil wraps to remove the gel is very clever in the sense that the cotton pad is attached to the foil. To which the technician soaked the pad with remover. The company the technician is trained by is #Orly which is a really well known company that looks after your nails and hands.

After this was done she then…

From Peace and Quiet to A Crazy Few Days

What a few days it has been with the kids being off. We have had so much fun with them. They love doing the game Pokemon Go so we went for walks and they caught lots of different types and as a family its a great way of going out. While doing so its a great way of meeting new people and starting to brand new friendships.

People may think it is a silly thing to do however really it isn't as it deals with many different things, these include walking, meeting new people and getting out of the house.

Check it out and join in the family fun



Oh My Goodness

What can I say I am absolutely buzzing. The future is bright and I am so happy right now! Love how I can be out and about and network and meet fantastic people who in how I can help them. When I can show them that my life is here to help others they get excited to see how.

I wish I could say more other than it makes me happy that I can do this.

I was looking to be able to put posts separately, however, I have not been able to sort this out so everything will be as it is.

I hope to make things a bit more exciting.



Sorry For Not Blogging Sooner

I am so sorry for not blogging for the last few weeks so much has gone on what with atrocities that have happened in Manchester and London. I have not felt like posting because of having empathy for all the people who have been lost and lost their homes. So I have kept quiet.For everyone who was lost RIP and for everyone who has lost their homes. A solution will be found.

One Love

The last week has been a horrendous one ending on a fantastic high note with the gig that Ariana Grande set up to play last night.The horror that happened on Saturday night in London has only united the country stronger. I have said in a video today on my youtube channel that we must stand together. It doesn't matter if we are of different colour or religion because inside we are the same. So go check on your friends and neighbours and make sure they are ok? Because it is best to keep each other safe.

I watched the gig from my tv and loved every minute. The gig showed the unity of the city Manchester and people of all races coming to show that a horrific event will not stop people from having a brilliant time and enjoying music from different places in the world.

I mentioned that I had touched on this topic in my book Questions by Lizzie which is a book of poetry regarding dealing with life the way I see it as a disabled person.



A Touch of Spring for My Nails


Learning a simpler life

Ok so life is good right now there are no regrets. I love makeup so things have changed again, sorry for messing things around but I'm in a great place and know I'm in the best place I can be right now.
I have been using #Younique for a while now and really love the products. As a White Status Presenter I started with the kit which is totally awesome
This is what the products all come in which is totally gorgeous.  The first look I wanted to do was a simple look as the product that I immediately fell in love with is the lip gloss called #LoveSick

So to show the lip gloss off I did a simple look

the eye shadow I am wearing is my bronzer which a really nice nude yet warm toned shade what do you think?

My First ever youtube video My reason for joining Younique make up

Here is my first ever #Youtube video
My reason for joining Younique

This is a heart wrenching story. Worth a read

I think you might like this book – "Outcry: Holocaust Memoirs" by Manny Steinberg. Start reading it for free: