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Typical just typical

I was just going to do this blog post on my laptop but I am unable to do it. The laptop is way too hot to have on my lap and could be dangerous to use.

Things a becoming to an excitable end soon so I will be busy back to blogging more and more. 😀

Life is good right now and I know it is important to spot the good things in life.

More later


A Good Day Today

Today has been a positive day and I am grateful for my friend who came to visit and now I can plan things a bit. I had forgotten that I can do things on my phone for a while rather than just sitting at the laptop and writing. I am at a good place now and although I have a few days where I feel down things are getting better, my life has more of a purpose and I am looking forward to the future. I am very lucky to have my friends as many walked away when I left school and did further education. Some of these friends are relatively new and I am extremely grateful to have them.