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Yesterday everyone was dealing with the aftermath of what happened, to the people who were at Adriana Grande gig in Manchester.

So I didn't, post a blog despite thanking a customer on Facebook for their order. 

As a mother of two my heart goes out to all that have been involved and I would not wish this on anyone of any race or religion. Yet the event shows, that in actual fact that there is a lot of unity between people.

I would love to thank all of the people who helped the injured and lost as well as those who took food to the emergency services etc.

I wasn't there in person but I am grateful to know that there are people, who were and did everything in their power. So these are true hero's not those on tv.

Please remember that life is precious and that it doesn't matter what race or religion a person is they are still a person. They may still need someone to look after them in some way. So of you can see someone who looks sad or worried go to them and ask if they need a friend.



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