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More Changes

Today marks the start of a new beginning for me. I am feeling so excited. I'm heading to a new stronger me. It is a long journey ahead and I don't expect it to be easy. I know
that it is going to be so worth it though.

Have you ever thought that you have so much more to give?  Then think about reading self-help books or by going to a life coach. You may think that the idea to be a stretch. I thought so too at the beginning however it was the right decision. I won't be looking back.  My life coach is amazing and has helped me in so many ways. Her name is Clair Pyle and I am so glad that I have found her. Look around for someone who has a good rep, read reviews, check Facebook, LinkedIn and other places.

If you find that having a coach too expensive there are many apps you can use to help you grow as a person. There are a few that I recommend such as My Possible Self, Mood Tools, Goal Smart and Wysa. However, my favourite is Remente and you can either use a free version or pay £8.49 a month. I also have a journal that I use which is Journal It again there are two versions either free or £1.89 a month. The apps I use are android based

As well as those I use Serenity chat which is a chatbot on messenger. Which is free and monitors your mood twice a week. It is a great thing as it keeps check to see if you are feeling low or ok and it keeps a graph of how you are. So if you need to check with a dr it will suggest doing so.

It is important to ensure that you look after yourself and these are things that I personally use.

Love and Peace


New book review soon

I have been working on so many projects on the go recently that my book reviews have been quite lax and it's been plaguing my mind.

So I have decided to change that. There's will be a few different types of books that I will be reviewing including self help ones as I am a business entrepreneur as well.

If you have any ideas of what books you would like me to review don't hesitate to contact me. 

Love and Peace 



Oh My Goodness

What can I say I am absolutely buzzing. The future is bright and I am so happy right now! Love how I can be out and about and network and meet fantastic people who in how I can help them. When I can show them that my life is here to help others they get excited to see how.

I wish I could say more other than it makes me happy that I can do this.

I was looking to be able to put posts separately, however, I have not been able to sort this out so everything will be as it is.

I hope to make things a bit more exciting.