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What a fun few things to play with

I can't wait to see what types of lashes and nails @ChandraVories has sent me.

I'm stressed

Omg! Seriously, the last few days have been completely crazy and stressful. My head was so full of rubbish. I couldn't clear my head even doing the usual meditation or watching a movie didn't help. The postman did however by providing me with my monthly box from #PinkParcel. So I will showing you the goodies slowly combining those of previous either boxes or things that I have been given.

My Latest video

The latest video I have done is my first parcel after rejoining #PinkParcel. I actually had Pink Parcel over a year ago and I have gone back to them because it's the best thing to being able to do things without worrying about your monthly as Pink Parcel caters for you during that time while also spoiling you for that time.

I am a younique presenter yet I love trying different makeup and skin care before letting my little girl have the things that I don't need or want so my next few blogs will be about the things that I got from my June parcel.


So this weekend

This weekend has been a pretty good one to be fair seeing a friend and getting a few goodies.

Sir Terry Pratchett's final book

Sir Terry Pratchett's Biography and

Clique's mini  facial wash set

So I have been very lucky with the goodies that have arrived this weekend.
I can't wait to start reading the books this week while planning things and things happening. So I am going to have to start be super organised as so many things are happening and I love it. Things are positive and amazing, I am so grateful for everything right now.
So today I received my first “My little Box” which was My little gypset box with goodies by Antik Batik. It was really well wrapped up and the box looks and feels really strong and sturdy. I will be review the goodies over the next few weeks as they were packed amazingly beautifully. The first thing I have started to use is the little blue drawstring bag that was in the box but the bronzer and lipstick/blush I will use over the next week. As with the body milk I’ll do the same. I think I will also do a scrapbook of the cards that arrive each month as each month a new one is in the box.

A better day

Today was a better day but still a low day. I really need to plan things for when I have a bad day my friend has an amazing idea of having a emergency box of goodies for those days. But not where I normally am I can’t set one up. So I most definitely will when I can. Another thing is a website called which looks amazing and a family has said that they will do it for me.