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Fresh and Sweet

Mothers day has been and gone here in the UK. And Easter is still relevant. Having twins it is a special time for me as is every day. This year for mothers day I was given various things such as a new rucksack for rucksack for the gym and some socks and a little bottle of perfume and a lip.

Ghost Daydream 

It smells gorgeous. I have never had a scent like this before and it is an absolutely gorgeous scent. 

It's top notes are Violet Leaf, Mandarin and Apple. 

The middle ones are Tuberose, Jasmine and Cinnamon.

And its base notes are Patchouli, Cedar Wood, Amber and Musk.

The bottle is very cute and an unusual shape.

To me the scent is sweet and fresh yet floral. It lingers for hours so doesn't need to be topped up through out the day. I really recommend it. 

I give this a 4/5

Love and Peace 



A brilliant way

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A Fresh New Look

Today's look was done with #MakeupRevolution and  #Rimmel only. I did this to see how quick I could just do my face with a couple of items. Personally I has made me feel that it is OK just to do this minimal look when time is of the essence. 

Love and Peace 


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