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Feeling Free

It's been a week since I actually wrote the post that went live last What is it like?  

I've not been on #Facebook as much as I have been or #instagram or #Twitter 

I'm just chilling taking stock of what's going on around me and I am feeling much better in myself.

I am listening to what my head and body says I have to do. I'm so much happier from doing that. 

There are a few things that I have in the pipeline but I am taking taking my time, rather than rushing around doing everything like a headless chicken. 

There are lots of projects that are going on that are going to be happening. 

So if I don't post as often then be reassured that I will be posting as soon as I can. 

At the moment I am reading a few books while also listening to some via audible. And I will be reviewing them. Like I mentioned in my previous post. 

I also will be reviewing makeup as promised but like I said before I will be taking my time, making actual time for the simple things. 

I may even post about some of the projects that are going on around me but they are in sequential for a bigger thing that's happening in the future. 

I will keep things a bit cryptic for now but everything has a purpose and I can't wait to see what happens. What is going to be the future is exciting and new. 

For all my followers I am extremely grateful for your support. I will be back properly but I don't know just yet when. 

Love & Peace 


To Me This Is Important

Cruelty-Free Products that People swear by
It is difficult to love makeup and not know that some companies are using animals to test makeup. And what can cause irritation in the process of making the products.
There are fabulous options that are available while being cruelty free and in the article linked above there are plenty of products that are used consistently and are favourites.
Love & Peace


Happy Valentines Day!

Happy Valentines Day everyone.

Today is my makeup free day as I take my kids to have their swimming lessons and have found that my makeup slips when I wear it to the swimming centre as the heat makes it slip but I am looking forward to trying #Younique primer when I have finished my current one by #Benefit which is #PoreProfessional but I may have to get it anyway, as I'm running out of eye primer and since the Younique is both a face and eye primer, it will save me money in the long run. The next week will be more makeup looks using all my different products.

The rest of today is a family day despite it being Valentine's day.  What are you all doing?



This last month

This last month has been really good and positive but the last week has seen a change for the worst. Things are going to get worse for the average Jo in this country. It frightens me to fear what will happen.

This has triggered an episode of depression and I don’t know when it will go. It’s not a bad episode but its like a drip in the background niggling at me. 😥😧😱😨😢. I hope things will change for the positive but who knows😱
I hate this constant uncertainty its sending me further down despite doing what I can not just for myself but for everyone else in a similar situation.
Let’s hope things get better and if we can fight back in any way that is possible without being stupid or putting our selves in danger then we should to let us be who we are and to be free