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Today has been an odd day half busy but half not. It has been a nice day in that respect too. Tomorrow is going to be a busy one but it’s going to be worth it as I have some of my volunteering work and family time.

I am really enjoying the challenge with the volunteering but it’s not full time so that’s good for me.

A friend mine has given me some tablets to try from the #foreverliving range so I will try them and also have some well known tablets to try because of one of the conditions I have. I am happy though today but tired.

So Life Is...?

Life has been crazy since I last posted. I am going to start trying to post more often but my days are getting crazy. I’m changing so many things in my life right now. I am monitoring what I eat but not logging it like I used to but just what I eat.
I am also using #forever living aloe gel and its amazing. My skin has calmed down loads since taking aloe gel and taking vitamin supplements,I also drink loads of water. Another thing I do now is meditate once or twice a week which helps me to stay calm.

Also things are getting crazy as I am doing more things locally and getting on with the community.

It’s making me happier as I am busy