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Such a Change from One Weekend to the Next

The weather has been completely changeable regarding the weather this week just gone ending on yet another gorgeous day. Saturday was a strange day as I fainted due to suffering from endometriosis so spent the day after fainting resting. Endometriosis is one of those conditions that has so many different stages so you could say I had a bad turn on it. Yesterday, on the other hand, was a brilliant one. I met a friend for coffee and I felt really good especially after putting on a simple makeup look.

I used my younique kit to get this look. First I did my eyebrows as this is an important starting point due to the fact that they frame your face and others can read your facial expressions. Then I did a simple eye look using my bronzer and the amazing 3D+ lashes mascara and a blue eyeliner just to make my eyes stand out. I then used my cream foundation in valour all over my face starting by my nose and thinning out at the frame of my face then using my bronzer again to warm up my face. I …

Sunset Eyes a Look by Lisa Potter-Dixon

Today's look is #SunsetEyes a look done by Lisa Potter-Dixon. I did this look using my usual #BBCream and #Bronzer  by #MyLittleBox and my eyes are actually the darkest blusher by #MakeupRevolution in their pallet called #HotSpice with a little bit of #HighBrow by #Benefit and my mascara is as normal #RollerLash againn by #Benefit and my lips are #Classic by #No7

It was an easy look to do as using some of my older products from my huge collection of makeup.

I have been experimenting on whats the best way to put on #BBcream and for me putting a bit on my hand and using a small flat pointed foundation brush. mine is by #RealTechniques. Using the brush I dipped the end into the cream and using small amounts I slowly put it on my face starting from my nose outward. Before that though I did my eyes.

I love this look. What do you think


Those eyes


Marilyn Monroe photographed by Willy Rizzo, 1962. 

I love this