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It's the beginning of September and so many things are going to be happening in the future. 

A couple of months ago I posted that I was stressing out because I was being assessed by the government for my disability. 

And it was the most stressful thing I have ever done. But it is now over and I won't be having another for four years. Because that's when they want me back to see how things are.

I'm kind of excited for the future but anxious too. First it's going to be fall/autumn and then Halloween/Thanksgiving before Christmas and the New Year. 

So I now have a huge deadline that needs to be attacked at strongly and I can't wait to see the outcome of the future.

Love and Peace 


Exciting news

Brand new products for me are coming to test and have a play with all thanks to @ChandraVories. 

More coming soon can't wait to see what she has sent me. 

Love & Peace 



Back Problems

Well isn't strange that things change when you rely so heavily on your back. Mine went yesterday morning so was unable to be as active as I wanted to be. So this blog is a little short.

I'm so excited for the future as there so many things that are happening and I wish I could say more than that. However I think that if I do I will tempt fate. No more to be said for now because I still need to rest

Love and Peace



Oh My Goodness

What can I say I am absolutely buzzing. The future is bright and I am so happy right now! Love how I can be out and about and network and meet fantastic people who in how I can help them. When I can show them that my life is here to help others they get excited to see how.

I wish I could say more other than it makes me happy that I can do this.

I was looking to be able to put posts separately, however, I have not been able to sort this out so everything will be as it is.

I hope to make things a bit more exciting.




Yay things are going back to normal

Yay things are becoming a little more normal. My routine can almost be set now but things will change from time to time. And there are a few new things happening to which I am looking forward to what could be a exciting new future with blogging being part of a beautiful life.