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So Excited


Oh My Goodness

What can I say I am absolutely buzzing. The future is bright and I am so happy right now! Love how I can be out and about and network and meet fantastic people who in how I can help them. When I can show them that my life is here to help others they get excited to see how.

I wish I could say more other than it makes me happy that I can do this.

I was looking to be able to put posts separately, however, I have not been able to sort this out so everything will be as it is.

I hope to make things a bit more exciting.



Oh what a sleepy head

Oh dear what a sleepy head I am today. I have things to do but I feel so sleepy and all I want to do is sleep. I am excited for the future and want it so much that I must push forward and grab it with both hands and make things easier for me.

Being a disabled person things get  a bit laid back and so I feel frustrated that I cannot always do what you deserve. So I will do what I can do. Being a bit hesitant as well as to when to post is another however I will do so as often as I can