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What is the Future to See

I have written many posts over the last few years about makeup and fashion. But there are very few people who are in either industry who are disabled.  
being disabled does not mean that we are not interested in fashion and the beauty industry or acting. 
There are very few disabled comics similarly. I can name @MaysoonZayid, @LostVoiceGuy (Lee Ridley), @AlexBrooker and @AdamHills as the main people who are well known as comics here in the UK. Although I can name @WarwickDavis and his family the most prominent actors who are disabled in some form or another. Nevertheless, it doesn't mean we as a part of civilization are not capable of doing the same as the average person.
In my research, I discovered that there are only 20 prominent models.  Jillian Mercado, Debbie van der Putten, Sophie Morgan, Aimee Mullins, Alexandra Kutas, Viktoria Modesta, Jack Eyers, Kelly Knox, Melissa Koole, Lauren Wasser, Jamie Brewer, Rafi Solaiman, Paola Antonini, Rebekah Marine, Madeline Stuart, Nina Marke…

The Fear of the Unknown

Here in the UK as a disabled person you are supported by the government. Although if you can work in any way that's a bonus. 

In the past people were put on "Disability living allowance" which was assessed but maybe not as strictly as now.

However I have had cerebral palsy from birth, and it won't change if anything, the effects of the brain damage will worsen as I age not get better.

So the fact that I am to be assessed to see how it effects my day to day life, is a scary thought.

I had been given "disability living allowance" for life because of the condition but because of the change in the way the government has changed the system I am to be assessed.

The anxiety of this situation is the worst I've ever had because this is my life that someone has control over financially. I'm so scared because I don't want to lose it all.

The feeling of not knowing what is going to happen.

To be honest I'm so scared I'm afraid of how we are going to c…

Honor 6x Review

Ok I have had this phone for a couple of weeks now and love it.

Being a #mum and #blogger as well as a #younique presenter and author I would class myself as a fairly heavy user, all though not the heaviest. And with this phone I have found that it lasts at least a day to a day and a half.

Being a disabled person I am possibly more likely to drop a phone and yes I have dropped it and there hasn't been any serious damage not even a scratch on the screen.

The phone is running on #Android at #Marshmallow and will be updated shortly. It has 3 cameras two of them are on the back and make your pictures sharper. And the front is a great #selfie taker so it's great for my line of work.

Being a mum I haven't found any drops of calls or anything else.

It's a very elegant and fresh looking and easy to use. I love using it and I am  writing this review on it while listening to a book.

These are stock pictures of the phone and show you what it looks like. I used to use a #SonyXA w…

A quiet few days

The last few days have been a bit of a challenge as there has been a family bereavement, however we must move on because dwelling on the past is not a good idea. As the world changes daily its not worth it. So with this in mind I need to change my daily routine so that I can concentrate on what is necessary and walk away from the things that are holding me back...I love writing my blog and yes I know sometimes it's a bit boring. My life is just average. I don't care though, I have cerebral palsy and clinical depression along with other problems, there are not many blogs about it.I am still a woman, wife and mother and again these issues are not covered much while being disabled. There are many fantastic blogs that cover make up and clothes and some disabilities. To combine everything though there are not many.  Especially motherhood while being disabled. So if I am quiet for a few days or weeks it is because I am having a bit of a challenge but I will be back. For my readers I…

The future of our lives update

Everyone is scared of what is going on around them politically and rightly so. Especially if we have certain things going on at the moment. There are some positivity that is going around with this, that will help everyone in the world and one of these is the ability to do things in the home via speech.  
This includes the heating and lighting, having difficulties all my life I have been given more freedom of independence through having certain things installed.  
My husband writes for a website called  under which he was asked to review #Hive an innovation by #BritishGas. 
This is my take on the same thing because I have a different view due to having a disability.
Having an older style house we were sent the #hive lighting and I can't sing it's praises high enough, from my point of view. From my phone I can turn the living room lights on and control the kitchen lights too. I have added a light for the kids room so that we can control the lights in th…

Oh what a sleepy head

Oh dear what a sleepy head I am today. I have things to do but I feel so sleepy and all I want to do is sleep. I am excited for the future and want it so much that I must push forward and grab it with both hands and make things easier for me.

Being a disabled person things get  a bit laid back and so I feel frustrated that I cannot always do what you deserve. So I will do what I can do. Being a bit hesitant as well as to when to post is another however I will do so as often as I can


Aweigh to go

This is no ordinary review for me. Being disabled I need to be in a reasonable shape as it makes it more difficult to walk if I am over weight. So when I was asked to review these scales I grabbed the opportunity. I was interested in what I actually weighed. I have normal electric scales for my weight so what is the difference between my normal ones and these. These scales are amazing. They are incredibly easy to set up and use. They are linked to your phone so if you are able to track what you have and everything else can be linked via other apps that sink together.  

You are given 2 AAA batteries and after putting them in the base you link them up to your phone with the app, you can weigh yourself. The scales themselves give your initial weight and then the app shows you many different types of information about your own body like the bone density, water amount and muscle mass. 
I love these scales for these particular reasons and will continue to use them to keep myself in check.  …

My make up for new year's day

Today my make is a #5MinuteSmokeyEye @Lisa_benefit #EasyOnTheEyes using #Younique #Benefit #BadGalWaterproof
Lisa's technical is amazing in showing how you can achieve it yourself. Being disabled even I can do it. It's so simple using only 1 eye-shadow and eyeliner and of course masses and masses of masses of mascara.

Lisa's Everyday look

This my take on Lisa Potter-Dixon's every day look. It was incredibly easy to do even as a disabled person and took very little time to do. I am doing it perfect at the moment but I am sure that if I can do it anyone can.

Oh what a day

Today my day has been one of those days I just feel like my heads blown up due to the things going on. I have been working on this website and its been a real learning curve. Over the next few weeks I will be linking up with other sites that I use like Google+.
Today's makeup has just been a simple lipgloss by @TanyaBurr called #arura which is a lovely pale pink. You can get it in Superdrug in the UK and from the website feelunique. Check it out!

I won't be doing make up tutorials as there many people doing them however I will give my own view on designs as a disabled person what I find easy to do and what's not easy.

My favourite makes of makeup are #Benefit #Maxfactor #Maybelline  #MakeupRevolution. I have started using #Rimmel as a primer and am finding it as almost good as #Benefit but slightly heavy to start with but it blends really well and becomes really easy to use.

Love for now


Hello world!

Hi and welcome to my page. I am writing this as a busy disabled person who happens to be a mum to twins. I love makeup, fashion books and music so my ramblings will be about everything on here. I hope you enjoy what i talk about on here

Life goes on

So the budget was today in the UK and basically they have done what they want to do but does everyone agree with what they have done? The answer is No!

The government has said they will only pay for 2 children under their tax credit system but what happens to the devote Catholics and other religions who do not agree with the limitations of only having 2 children but are in low income paid jobs? That is my question.

The disabled haven’t been touched to a degree but why is it we are expected to do things that we are not all able to?

I never know what the next day is going to hold for me. There are days when I have loads of energy and the next day no energy at all and am likely to fall over more easily! There other conditions that have this situation more often like the hidden conditions like M.E who don’t even have the strength to get out of bed.

I have cerebral palsy fairly mild but there are personal situations that I can’t do anymore. And there are disabled who can’t look after themselv…

A happy day

Today I have started doing a few things that have been positive to my outcome in life I have. I started by doing a little of yoga that’s been changed a little for my disability and I feel better today. I also have got an app that can help me organise its called flylady and is really helpful. I have many things to improve my mind and be able to control my depression rather than it controlling me. Its a long road but today I feel loads better. I also need to take more control over what is going on and when as I’ve not really let that happen recently but this feeling has been put forward by doing 11 minutes of yoga and I felt this kinda pop from my shoulders releasing tension from me.