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The Fear of the Unknown

Here in the UK as a disabled person you are supported by the government. Although if you can work in any way that's a bonus. 

In the past people were put on "Disability living allowance" which was assessed but maybe not as strictly as now.

However I have had cerebral palsy from birth, and it won't change if anything, the effects of the brain damage will worsen as I age not get better.

So the fact that I am to be assessed to see how it effects my day to day life, is a scary thought.

I had been given "disability living allowance" for life because of the condition but because of the change in the way the government has changed the system I am to be assessed.

The anxiety of this situation is the worst I've ever had because this is my life that someone has control over financially. I'm so scared because I don't want to lose it all.

The feeling of not knowing what is going to happen.

To be honest I'm so scared I'm afraid of how we are going to cope if our finances are cut too much. 

So please excuse me for posting erratically for a while as first of all I have the assessment then I won't know anything from two weeks to three months later. 

I will post after the assessment to say how it went but not much as I will be worn out. 

Love & Peace 


A Slow Process

The last few weeks have been a massive change for me. I have been learning more about myself and how I can improve myself in as many ways as possible.

Although things have been difficult because of my disability. Although that is only one aspect

It does not define me as a person.

I'm wondering if you know what defines you?

Because it's an interesting question to think about.

Start thinking about what is important for you and to you as this is a great starting point.

For me, it's my family and what I love to do!

There have been times when I have been lost and not known what I am other than a mum and business partner. So learning to live in the moment and relish what you have is a precious thing.

I have felt very overwhelmed at times because of various things going on around me. Whether it is something to do with me, family or something out of my control. Have you?

It's really nice to be able to connect with myself and learn what I am as a person and learn more about what I can be.

To do this I have been doing different things such as reading and meditation. During which I have learned a lot about myself. So have felt able to do what is required to move forward. I also have had some major support from @ClairPyle and members from my family. To whom I am eternally grateful. So my advice would bet talk to someone and find things that can help you unwind.

I would be very happy to help you if you need someone to talk to

Love & Peace


EEk I wish I could Say more

So this week has been an absolute chaotic week the kids have gone back properly to school, not just the short week. A complete week and getting ready for the following months' chaos because as from later in the week the house is going to be complete chaos and lots of things going on. For starters, we are having a wet room instead of the normal bath. This is because of my disability and it will help me to be so much more independent.

We are also having central heating put in so after living in a house without central heating it will be a change and much warmer. We can now plan to get the house exactly how we want it. And that will be done next year.

During this weekend we also went on a trip as a family and it gave me so many ideas as a way I see the house becoming a proper home. I'm not saying the house isn't a home however it isn't the way hubby and I see it becoming even with the kids. The coming year is going to be a year where things are going to be so positive and I can't wait.

Love and Peace



Oh what a sleepy head

Oh dear what a sleepy head I am today. I have things to do but I feel so sleepy and all I want to do is sleep. I am excited for the future and want it so much that I must push forward and grab it with both hands and make things easier for me.

Being a disabled person things get  a bit laid back and so I feel frustrated that I cannot always do what you deserve. So I will do what I can do. Being a bit hesitant as well as to when to post is another however I will do so as often as I can



A happy day

Today I have started doing a few things that have been positive to my outcome in life I have. I started by doing a little of yoga that’s been changed a little for my disability and I feel better today. I also have got an app that can help me organise its called flylady and is really helpful. I have many things to improve my mind and be able to control my depression rather than it controlling me. Its a long road but today I feel loads better. I also need to take more control over what is going on and when as I’ve not really let that happen recently but this feeling has been put forward by doing 11 minutes of yoga and I felt this kinda pop from my shoulders releasing tension from me.