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Sunshine Skin

This bb cream by #Rimmel is absolutely brilliant for a simple sunny tinted skin. 

All while having spf 15 in it. I have it in medium as I like to look as if I have caught the sun without burning my skin. 

Also as busy mum it speeds up makeup looks without worrying about too much hassle. 

It is a really well priced product which you can get in most places such as #Superdrug #Boots even in Tesco and #Amazon. RIMMEL LONDON BB Cream 9-IN-1 Skin Perfection Super Makeup - Medium is its proper name. After looking for a BBcream and not finding one that fitted my idea of what I need in the summer as I only wear foundation in the winter. 

I found this and love it. I even can add a liquid highlighter making my skin even more dewy.

As a BB cream I give it 4/5


A Little TLC

What is it when you feel low but realise that you need to make a small but yet significant change by treating yourself to a bit of TLC. One of the best ways to do that is by having a skin treatment. So this morning I did a face mask.

The mask I chose was the Strawberry and Cream by

Because I have dry skin I chose this mask. It was absolutely brilliant and so refreshing. It made me feel so good and awake which I hadn't been feeling in a while, letting things slip.

The picture above is before I did the mask.

These two are of me while in the mask. Feeling the heat from the mask rejuvenate my skin by heating and moisturising it.

These two are of my skin after the mask. Another mask I like yet can't use very often is 

As it dries my face out. However, since using the above FM World have bought out a new one which is more catered for people who have dry skin like me.

It is important to treat yourself this way at least once a week because it helps with the feeling of being good rather than feeling like you are not good enough because you are.

Love and Peace

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