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The Frame Up

I'm writing this the day after a living legend died. Stan Lee the person who thought up many comic characters, Such as "Iron Man" "Spiderman" and many many more, may he rest in peace.

I won't give any spoilers.

This is a review of a murder mystery novel. The book is called "The Frame Up "by Meghan Scott Molin (The Golden Arrow Mysteries Book 1). It is her first book to be published.
The reason I mention Stan Lee in this review is that the book is about a comic book artist who ends up being involved in a real crime spanning decades.

 Unlike Stan Lee, the main character is a woman, who is called Micheal Grace or MG for short, lives with friends and while getting her normal coffee fix on the way to work meets someone. Who she ends up helping with a case that they are working on. Some of the clues are based on some of the characters based on a comic that the company MG works for comes from.

This is not my normal type of mystery book, however, the cove…