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A wake up

Further to my post What is in a cup of coffee anyway  I wrote about what I thought about coffee and what was my favorite type.
And although I did mention some of the benefits that coffee I did not mention all of them. I was contacted by #Gerard Paul from #ManyEats in which he mentions many more. So in conjunction, I would like to add his amazing article Health Effects of Coffee which has more information. Although opposing to my own views on points. I would be foolish not to recommend reading it. So although this a short post, I wanted to add more information. And since my previous post was a year ago and rather than just edit my post I thought I would write a completely new post. 
Love and Peace

The Coffee Experience

OK so I went back to drinking my normal coffee and have now realised that I need to be drinking more black coffee rather than my favourite latte 😔. When I was having the americano I was up earlier, more awake and able to do much more during the day.So until I get more of my favourite coffee though amazon I will be drinking #fmworld coffee.Love and Peace

The Coffee Challenge Continues

So for the last week and a bit, I have been drinking only an Americano in the morning and I really have noticed, that I have had more energy than when I was having my latte. An Americano is a strong black coffee ☕ with no sugar.
The rest of the day I have whatever I want. The next thing in the challenge will be having a different type of coffee from a different provider.

The coffee is from #FMWorld and is their focus blend.
This will be done using the French press system and apperently you can, use milk and sugar if you want as this is not meant to interfere with its ability.
As I am the only one doing this challenge I am using

A single French Press which is absolutely amazing when it comes to making fresh ground coffee just for you.
I will post more on this over the next few days and see what happens when I continue the challenge.
Love and Peace

Please be aware that I am amazon affiliate, meaning that I get compensated when I review products. Each time I review an item the score…

A Small Change

Today is halfway through my first week of just drinking an americano coffee every morning rather than drinking my favourite latte.

and one more that I have forgotten to post and  I have really noticed a difference in what my energy levels have improved massively. The coffee that I am drinking at the moment is Costa coffee Americano  from Costa and Tassimo. I am not overly keen on a black coffee however I am getting accustomed to the taste with no sugar or milk. So once I have finished my americanos I will be seeing what happens if I use a different source. The source I will be using
Auriel Focus Coffee and see what the differences are because so far I have definitely seen a boost in my energy just by having the black Americano.
More in a few days.
Love and Peace xxx
Please be aware that I am amazon affiliate, meaning that I get compensated when I review products. Each time I review an item the score is my opinion.

What is in a cup of coffee anyway?

What is your favourite morning drink? Mine is a good latte, from my Tassimo machine the Bosch Tassimo Charmy
  I love a good Tassimo Costa Coffee Latte, however, if my budget doesn't stretch to that as it's on the average £5 per box of 8 drinks I will pick the less expensive but just as delicious Tassimo L'OR Latte Macchiato Coffee Pods which is £4.50 a box.

These drinks are made via pods rather than say the Nespresso Essenza Mini Coffee Machine with Aeroccino, Pure White by Magimix
which is done only by using capsules, your own milk and an aerator to froth up the milk

There is another cheap coffee system which I have used and did like very much which is the Dolce Gusto Coffee Machine

 which again like Tassimo uses pods. They are just as good as the Tassimo although they do not have such big names as Suchard, Twinings, or Cadburys and Costa Coffee supporting them.

But you know coffee isn't just the latte or cappuccino that you have with amazing friends or that few mom…

Okay Okay I've done it again

So again I've been so busy I have been super busy with the business that I have forgotten the blog. I feel that I should be working on it more so here I am posting yet again.

I have been challenging myself by doing facebook lives and using products from my own business.
 I have one of those colours and absolutely it as it stays on for hours even after a coffee.
I love this too because of it moisturises my skin and helps my psoriasis in stopping it flare.
These are amazing because I have been drinking the vanilla flavour and really enjoy it.
 Of these, I use the toner and the night cream which really does help so much again with my psoriasis in reducing flare-ups.
 These again are amazing and last hours even after drinking coffee and tea.
Love and Peace xxx

What A Way to Start the Day

Oh, my goodness what a fantastic start to the day. I have ordered from the company I joined their coffee and tea. so I started with the coffee. I chose this because this version of the coffee helps your metabolism. I have only had two cups of this over the last 3 days and am learning how to make it.

I have a coffee filter machine.

and made it using 4 teaspoons full of coffee the first time, however, found that it was slightly gritty so I made it again this morning with half the amount of coffee and found that it wasn't.

It has a pleasant taste that goes down well with no real aftertaste  

I can't review the metabolism side of things as of yet as I have only had a couple of cups.
So on taste, I give the coffee 4/5
Love and Peace