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An Amazing place

Ok so it's been a very turbulent few weeks because of going through a huge change which I mentioned in previous blogs. However I am glad to say it's finished. So I can be free and able to do things on my own. Which is bliss.

So from a piece of chaos to the picture below and I absolutely love it. Back to work I can go which is brilliant despite having a new fur baby arrive which I have pictured before.


The Light's at the end of the tunnel

So the last few weeks have been the chaotic mess that I had said about. I seriously can't wait for the end of next week as everything will be finished before planning the rest of the house. And that is going to be fun.

I haven't been able to plan anything since the beginning of the chaos.  It's still going on for a little longer. I have so many things that I want to show you. So I am sorry for the lack of interest that I have posted. There are going to be other little things happening in the next few weeks and pictures will be coming.
Love and Peace


EEk I wish I could Say more

So this week has been an absolute chaotic week the kids have gone back properly to school, not just the short week. A complete week and getting ready for the following months' chaos because as from later in the week the house is going to be complete chaos and lots of things going on. For starters, we are having a wet room instead of the normal bath. This is because of my disability and it will help me to be so much more independent.

We are also having central heating put in so after living in a house without central heating it will be a change and much warmer. We can now plan to get the house exactly how we want it. And that will be done next year.

During this weekend we also went on a trip as a family and it gave me so many ideas as a way I see the house becoming a proper home. I'm not saying the house isn't a home however it isn't the way hubby and I see it becoming even with the kids. The coming year is going to be a year where things are going to be so positive and I can't wait.

Love and Peace