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How To Take the Headache Out of Life Changes

So this is a difficult time for everyone around the world as mentioned in introducing being trapped in the house and how are you coping during these strange times. We are all having to deal with these life changes because of COVID 19. You know what though, this is the time to make these small changes in your own lives.
What changes do you think you need to do? Organising timekeeping, routine making, self-care, mentally and physically, just to name a few.
Well, this is the perfect time to do these things. If you haven't started it doesn't matter. Now is perfect to do what you haven't done but have meant to.
You may also want to pick a new skill. So stop procrastinating and do it!

Life is too short to not do what you need for you. There are so many places online that can you get free information and lessons on whatever you want to learn to do or get better at. these places include youtube, books, or ebooks.

Have you got a kindle? Heres a link to get one if you haven't already Kindle E-reader

What about trying to help yourself with your mental health. My favourite books to do this are How to be nice to yourselfHappy, and You are Baddass

For time keeping my favourite book is Time is Money

At the moment I'm reading The makeup of a confident woman which is about doing your makeup in a limited time and how important it is to do it for your own self well being.

As I said this is a difficult time for things and there are lots of things that at are actually changing socially. And some of these are challenging for us as being social but as a disabled person, I am in the house permanently until the lockdown is eased and I am preparing to move home so getting ready to do so. I have mentioned in one of biggest stresses. So I completely understand where everyone is going coming from.

Love and Peace 


Okay things are Twisting

This picture is so appt at the moment. Life likes to play games with you at times and I am no different. I thought that I was going to do exactly what I have been doing for the last few years and this year however I have a feeling that it will be changing for the better. I've had a tough time recently and I think that I need to make some changes. I have been so busy with things that I have forgotten about what is my passions. So I have been thinking about what I need to do and I think that I should remember what are my passions are.

Everyone should remember what their passions are and remember that working on your passion is the best thing and if you are not then life isn't life its being a robot.

Love and Peace



Change of plans for a few things

Yesterday I was meant to have a friend round but something cropped up, but the rest of the day was as planned. Again things have changed for this afternoon but as along as most of my plan stays the same things will improve. I have sorted out a lot of things and a semi timetable for myself but as along as I stick to most of it I think things will move faster. So I am excited for the future. Someone said that if it's a fast paced environment things won't be stable but if it's slow then it will be more secure with the foundations being strong. And I can see a slow growth for what I am doing.


What a busy week this has been

Oh my goodness what a busy week this has been. I have been given the opportunity to do something That I love and I have done it and am now waiting for the result of a dream that I have wanted to do for more than 20 years. I am never going to give up on either dream as these are making me happy and one of these things is blogging. I will continue doing so for as long as I can. I will say more about the other project when the final stage has come into fruition but I am excited for the future in more ways then I have felt in a long time.

Of course there will be days that are challenging but who's days aren't. People around me have noticed the difference and are acting differently around me. So long may it continue.

 I have a few more blogs coming out this week as I have them in the pipeline. One of these I tried to do via my phone but every time I tried to post it wouldn't so decided to do it when I have more time and ability to laptop for blogging. Watch out for the next few days for the blogs to com.