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Having a low day

When having a low day I try to push through if I can. It's not always easy, however I try. Thursday was one of the those days.Its really difficult trying to push through because there's so much doing. Running a home with cerebral palsy as a distraction is no fun. Learning to let go of the things that I can't take control of is one of the hardest things as I realise that my body is slowly getting worn out.You may say that every one wears out while living which is normal. Yes that is the case. However cerebral palsy makes the amount of energy that is used even for the smallest of tasks ten times as much. So this means that the body is properly ten years older inside than the body you see.I get frustrated with the problems because I find things harder to do the older I get.I have mentioned this before in previous posts such as Playing in the Snow and Changes that make me about cerebral palsy and its affects on me. I don't try to let it get me yet sometimes it really does.…

1000 Posts Omg

This is my 1001 post and I didn't even know that I had got to such a big number of posts. I am completely surprised and extremely grateful for all those who have been reading my blog over the last few years. There will be more happening as I have had such a blast even though I have had some quiet periods because of my disability or because of my mental health.

Mental health is something that should never be taken for granted as it can change at any moment.  I have suffered from poor mental health from an early age. Although I wasn't diagnosed until I was 30 and for me, there are so many triggers that sometimes it can incredibly difficult to do anything. I have the most amazing support in the form of my hubby and kids. For them, I am eternally grateful and always will be.

Having cerebral palsy has many challenges that are not all obvious because it covers so many aspects of life not, just the physical.
I have ataxia, spastic and dyapligic cerebral palsy which means that it is …

Oh My Goodness

This week is a good one so far and a productive one at that. The kids party has been sorted and planned. I have been able to pop a few things into places to advertise my Younique business. This week I am working on finishing a book to review and I have a few other things planned to review too. Cerebral palsy this week has been level although left me to be tired last night when I had managed do so much. Today I am working on the book that needs reviewing and planning more to this week. X

Cerebral palsy battle

The last week has been a battle with cerebral palsy it is part of me but it doesn't define me in any way. The things going on have been personal so I have been quiet because of it. I'm loving the way things are working out though and things are being more positive. This last week has been challenging and worth it so trying to plan things in advance but if I am quiet I am sorry. There are two electronic reviews coming up from me too along with make up looks, product reviews, and a book review or two. If there is anything you want to know don't forget to leave me a message and I will be happy to answer the questions. X

September the 1st

Today is the beginning of September and I am feeling so happy and relaxed. There are so many things going on but they are positive. Life is good right now and I am planning the next stage of me. Having Cerebral Palsy has given me challenges throughout my life and I have struggled on without help in the form of aids around the house and out and about but now is the time for these things to come in and give me a new lease of life.

If you don't know Cerebral Palsy is a form of brain damage similar to strokes, however, I was born with it and have it fairly mild but my age has caused problems. And I have a family who I want to look after rather than the other the other way round.

I am not wearing any makeup today but I will endeavour to do loads more new looks and things that as I am feeling so much happier and relaxed than I have been in a very long time.


The throwaway week

This week has been a week that has been thrown away. My cerebral palsy has thrown spanners in the works but I know that things are going to be better. There are to be changes but they are for the better and I can't wait for the next chapter in my life. I am grateful for the people who are in my life and it is for these people I am fighting the battle again.

Questions A Book of Poems


Questions was the first book I wrote and self published back in September/October 2015. I was encouraged by a fellow self published author #Shannon Perry who said that I could do what I had always dreamed of doing. And that #Amozon or #Lulu could help me make the dream a reality. As a busy mum with Cerebral Palsy I have limited time to write and decided to write a small book of poems about my thoughts on life.
These include depression, being a mum, cerebral palsy, racial equality and feelings in general.

I looked into using #Lulu self publishing company however I struggled going through the process so used #Amazon and used their process which I found easy to use so have stuck with that program to follow my dream to be an author. Below is a link to my book on Amazon.

Questions By Lizzie Hare

A day off as such

Today I am having a semi day off. I have had such a full on as this week as been so busy as was last week due to the living room being redecorated. It isn’t finished yet but it is now in a livable state. It is now just the finishing touches like some shelves and ottomans along with putting pictures back and all the nic nacks i want to keep but as i am waiting for the shelving and storage to be got. So today is a movie and reading day as I have so many things planned I just need time to recover a bit as my cerebral palsy makes me tired quicker than the average person. The day is wet again but it isn’t bothering me today due to me having a restful day.

Today! Why?

Today I’m the one who’s feeling sick with nerves and it’s not me doing the exam. I’m feeling positive about it but nervous. My positivity has been given a massive boost recently but I still have the odd day that I feel low and things. But I think it’s because I’m busy and unable to think about what I feel and the negative voice that is in my head telling me that I am not worth it and all the negativity that comes with being disabled with cerebral palsy. It’s mild for sure but it still effects me day to day. I hate stairs as I panic that I’ll fall down and cause more damage to my brain. I get tight muscles which means things get harder to do. I can’t put my shoes and socks on anymore but I still run a house and look after the family in any way I can. But right now things are being good and I have become a voice in the community for issues that effect everyone.

I wish there was a way to cure it but that’s a few decades away if at all as each case is different.