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Sweaty Betty

Quite literally. 
With messy hair and I don't care. Loving the summer ❤️💖❤️ 


Something to think about

Editors skin care routine from Who What Wear

I read this article and found it very useful and insightful. Definitely worth the read through and make your own decision on what's the best way to look after your skin 


The Easter break

This year I have taken a step back from things because I wanted to be more proactive in the family rather than be sat at my laptop writing a post.

Have you had a chance to look at the moment and realise that you have missed bits because you have either worked in an office with set times or are working from home doing a similar job to me? Well it's OK

You have done the first step in realising that being with the people who are most important to you is your priority.

It does not matter who they are but being with them matters. Also remember that you are important to. So you must make time for yourself. 

Everyone needs to be aware of being kind to yourself is just as important. So over the next few days of Easter try to be more present in the situation with family and friends. While also making time for you. Because whatever your job you need to be rested and aware of what you should be doing making yourself more confident in what you are doing.

Enjoy your break, don't eat too much chocolate 🍫 and remember to recharge yourself

Love & Peace 



Skincare Changes

Since having the diagnosis of hayfever. Skincare has been a monumental important role in the change of what I do and what order I have to do things. 

Wither it be medication particularly the eye drops or the makeup. You may say it doesn't matter however it does. 

Doing the eye drops first is important as it settles the eyes down from the irritation caused by what ever pollen that triggers the hayfever in you.

In the next few weeks I will be blogging about my own skincare routine and dealing with makeup in the heat of summer and pollen season.

Love and Peace 



My take on doing make up during the hot weather

The amazing weather happening at the moment in UK is really hot. So I am not really wearing any makeup because I find that it is really hard to wear make up when it's so hot. I find that I sweat so much that the makeup slips. So what I do is literally maintain my skin routine.

My routine is a gentle wash then a cleanser and toner before a moistureriser which has a spf in them. 

Sometimes I use a cc cream to even out my skin tone if I am going out and I ensure that the cc cream also has spf in it.

If I feel like it I will put on a mascara and a lipstick or gloss. No eyeshadow because as I sweat so much I don't bother. The products I use are from #FMWorld 


Adding to My Skin Routine

Ok so after restarting my skin routine for my face and falling in love with the products from FM World I decided to add to it. After starting with the Aloe Vera Peel Face Mask, finding how good it is and posting a review Soft-and-Gentle and then adding to the regime the I bought the toner and cleanser for removing makeup that I wore that day.

I start by using this cleanser with the face cloth,
which is silky smooth and so gentle on your skin that you don't really see that it is working until you see what the cleanser has taken off. It is absolutely brilliant. This has made me feel like putting on makeup more as I have seen a great difference in my skin.
 Then after that, I use the toner from FM World and it is totally fantastic.
It is a gel form toner which you leave on to dry. So for me that means going from the bathroom to bedroom before putting on my moisturiser which at the moment is E45 general moisturiser for dry skin which is also helping my skin, however, I am looking at getting FM World night time moisturiser specifically for anti-ageing so will be reviewing that once I have got hold of it.

As I have been using the toner for a few days I will do a proper review of the item. For now, though I will be scoring the product at 3.5/5.

Love and Peace


A Monday

So here we are again. It's a Monday morning and I have been super busy with the family. Life has been a bit of crazy one due to family events to which have been amazing and brilliantly shone. Now though it it's my time to shine because I know I can and I will. I have an amazing people who are supporting me. I am very thankful for those who are. I am also extremely happy in the sense that I am starting to feel more calm thanks to the latest addition to the family in the form of the kitten.

She is so calming and makes everyone relaxed written we used to be so stressed. I know lots of people don't think about it but having a pet really does help.

Also this morning while going through my marketing apps and one of them is instagram and one of my favourite vloggers posted an amazing post about fighting for themselves and hustling right to the end. Their name is @marzabargaming so go ahead check them out because what they say is so important that you do things for you and your success before helping others because If can't help yourself then you can't help others.

Remember who you are?

Love and Peace


Sparkling Surprise

Well as I said I was going to post up about having my nails done at my local Superdrug and I was pleasantly surprised with the treatment I was given.

You do your shopping as normal and pay for the treatment that you require before going to the treatment area. I had gel nails reapplied after being done somewhere else previously. The nail technician was incredibly knowledgeable and friendly.

She had to get my previous gel off which took quite a lot of time. This was because rather than using the electronic file to roughen the gel she used a proper nail file. Then with my nails covered in foil with cotton pads on each finger I had time to choose the colour/colours that I wanted.

The foil wraps to remove the gel is very clever in the sense that the cotton pad is attached to the foil. To which the technician soaked the pad with remover. The company the technician is trained by is #Orly which is a really well known company that looks after your nails and hands.

After this was done she then buffed my nails with a manual buffer. I have never had my nails buffer so well as I did at the nail bar in my local Superdrug. Then the nail gel was applied in the normal way.

As a mum I asked what age when it would be able to do for my daughter and the technician said 16 as everything is still developing however a standard nail polish could be applied.

She also mentioned the aftercare for my own nails in which she said that I mustn't wash up or wash my hair for 24 hours as the gel is still setting internally and to obviously put cuticle oil on daily.

The pictures above are the result of my treatment and I absolutely love it. 
I would really recommend that you check out your local store and see what they do as mine is also in the process of doing eyebrow and lash treatments. 
Thank you Roo for doing my nails. I certainly will be back 

I give the place 5/5




I  have been given a few goodies to review. and I can not wait to review them for you.
I really can't wait to tell you my views on these products


A quiet week

This week has been quiet sure to a poorly boy so been looking after him and doing a little work. I have things planned and want to do them for you all. I hope you liked the post regarding #DebbieLynes. She is an amazing person who thinks very carefully about the boxes she sends out.  My little girl had hers yesterday and used the mango bath bomb last night. She was also given sweets and a bag with a compete nail care kit in it. A pen was also in the box and some mini soya wax melts. It was such a hit that my boy wants his own version.

More posts next week.


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