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I must apologise

A while ago I mentioned that I would be doing a book review shortly. However because of my mood and along with circumstances beyond my control I haven't felt like reviewing on here. So I apologise for breaking my own promise.

So although there is a lot of things going on around here. I am planning to do one a month. Please bare with me incase life gets in the way.

Lots of love 


Happy Poetry Day

Why Oh Why?

Why oh why is it?
Is it what?
Life is precious
Because people need to learn!

What do they need?
They need love
Love is needed why?
To teach compassion
That is why!

Compassion what is that?

Kindness is what it is!

by Me in Questions


So Much Freedom

I can't wait to put out more book reviews. It is so freeing.

Since focusing more on my blog I have been able to focus on more books that are for pleasure.
So although my last review was a self-help book in the post I really enjoyed it. 

I chose the book because there were both aspects of education and pleasure. I think books should be for pleasure but also for learning. I know that when I was at school studying for my GCSES I hated reading.
I was only reading books that were for my exams and nothing for pleasure. Again I felt like that while reading business books when I was working in Multi-Level-Marketing or Network Sales.

I know that they were important to read to help me grow as a business owner but I prefer to read for pleasure.

Right now I am in the process of reading a new book to review which will be out soon. Unlike the last book, the book I am reading at the moment is for pleasure.

I like a lot of different genres such as crime, mystery, biography, history and many more. And I love reading different authors and new ones although I have my favourite writers. These include J K Rowling, Terry Pratchett, Sir Arthur Conan Doyle and Agatha Christie, just to name a few.

I would love to know who your favourite authors are and see if there is someone I haven’t read yet. Tell me what your favourite book is? And I will see if it is something that I have not read. Then maybe I can read it.

Love and Peace



Returning to Projects

It's been ages since I have touched some of my projects. They had been left, collecting dust so to speak.

Its been refreshing to get back to to them. When they are ready I will announce them. Right now though they are still just for me.

Although I have been mentioning that my books 

As its been nearly 3 years since I published the last one. 

They were cathartic to write.

Love and Peace 



New book review soon

I have been working on so many projects on the go recently that my book reviews have been quite lax and it's been plaguing my mind.

So I have decided to change that. There's will be a few different types of books that I will be reviewing including self help ones as I am a business entrepreneur as well.

If you have any ideas of what books you would like me to review don't hesitate to contact me. 

Love and Peace 



Operation Hail Storm Brent Arquette

I am sorry to say that this book is not what I expected as a book. I found it to be one of the hardest books to read. I wanted to be lead reading this book through the facts of the operation as an eyewitness. I am sorry to say that it came across as a bit of a jumble. As a fellow author I found that it was a collection of notes rather than an actual representation of an event or story. which is why I give it two stars. For me it was an easy decision to make because although I love books this was not my favourite by far


Sorry For All The Mess Around

Hi, all  I am really sorry for the mess around recently. I have been working on this site for a few days and had some ideas that I wanted to combine a bit more in depth. That way I can concentrate on this and my three other main projects that I have wanted to concentrate on for a while.

I hope you like the changes I have done to the blog.

The biggest two changes are the fact I have got a Domain for my blog and the name change. Sweetestmoondustsstyle

Now I'm looking to add my Younique store to my place so that if I mention it when doing a blog there's access to my store through a button rather than a link. However, for now, I will just add the link. Younique By Sweetestmoondust like that one. I am seriously looking at how to do that as I love #Makeup #Fashion and #Books and want to incorporate it all into here rather than having to spread my posts.


love for now



Oh My Goodness

This week is a good one so far and a productive one at that. The kids party has been sorted and planned. I have been able to pop a few things into places to advertise my Younique business. This week I am working on finishing a book to review and I have a few other things planned to review too.
Cerebral palsy this week has been level although left me to be tired last night when I had managed do so much. Today I am working on the book that needs reviewing and planning more to this week.


So that's it a busy week with self development

So this week is the week of self development. Meeting with friends and reading books that can help me grow as a person and a business person. I am a mum first and for most but I am an author and networking business owner  who loves to blog things when I can. Timing has almost been sorted now it is just planning where I want  to get to next. I am looking forward to the future and I would love you to come along to ride, so stay with me.


Two books out

This is just a quick blog to say I have two books out on Amazon called "questions" and "more questions"  they are in physical and kindle version.


So this weekend

This weekend has been a pretty good one to be fair seeing a friend and getting a few goodies.

Sir Terry Pratchett's final book


Sir Terry Pratchett's Biography and

Clique's mini  facial wash set


So I have been very lucky with the goodies that have arrived this weekend.
I can't wait to start reading the books this week while planning things and things happening. So I am going to have to start be super organised as so many things are happening and I love it. Things are positive and amazing, I am so grateful for everything right now.


easy on the eyes


This book by #LisaPotterDixon the Head makeup artist for #Benefit#easyontheeyes is totally brilliant. Before setting out how to do what for what look like complicated styles she reminds the importance of how to look after your skin before priming and teaching you how to do the designs.
The styles are time limited so that whether you have 5, 15 or 30 minutes for each style. Being a busy mum who happens to be disabled I find the 5 minute styles a godsend and simple to do and although not perfect yet I can do them. Also I love the fact that if I do go out on a date night then there are styles that I can do to give my look a bit of oomph. They may take me a little longer than the average woman but I can do them.

I myself have used #Benefit make for 12 years as I have found that it doesn't irritate my skin although there were some changes in some of the products that my skin did react to but on the whole I can't fault the company and constantly keep coming back year on year. I do use other products too but I have found that #Benefit the high end of the midrange of makeup and skin care range as  although slightly expensive is not expensive as some of the other big names in the industry. Over the next few weeks I will show my take on some of the weeks


Hello world!

Hi and welcome to my page. I am writing this as a busy disabled person who happens to be a mum to twins. I love makeup, fashion books and music so my ramblings will be about everything on here. I hope you enjoy what i talk about on here