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Oh my goodness

What a fantastic piece of escapism Arsenic in the Azaleas by Dale Mayer is. Gripping, funny, romantic read even though there's a murder mystery intertwined through out. 

In my previous post First Thoughts I said that I had empathy and frustration with the characters in the book. The characters are very believable. 

Dorren the main character is fantastically written where the reader becomes more emphatic with her and can relate to fairly easily.

Nan Dorren's nan is a lovable person who could be anyone's nan. Who is watching out for her grandchild or children.

The rest of the characters are also great. 

Dale Mayer has written this fantastically making it a perfect way to get away from the day to day strife and curl up and read all day.

I give this book 


Love and Peace 



First thoughts

In this post I'm just writing my initial thoughts on the book Arsenic in the Azaleas by Dale Mayer.

I am really enjoying this book and loving the characters in it. 

Feeling frustrated for some and annoyance of others because of what they are upto. I Dare not say too much as I would be giving spoilers and I don't like doing that.

Fair to say though that it is a warm and cosy mystery that you can relax with and unwind.

More to say in the final book review coming soon. 

Love & Peace 



An Unusual Space Trip

This is an interesting book that I have read. It is a cross between Tolkien and star wars. It is a fantastic read for people who are interested in cross over novels. It is a cross over because of the fact that elves are living on the planet Mars rather than earth. The Boyhood of Kaede by David Applegate is a really good set of stories written by an author who I had never read before. 

David Applegate's writing is simple yet effective so very easy to read making it a quick read. I give this book 4/5.

Love and Peace


New book review soon

So since my last book review I have followed the theme with a book that is in that line of history.

Most people love the fictional spy James Bond by Ian Fleming. 

The book I have just chosen is called 'The James Bond Gold' by Theophil Hirshman and Sidney Riley (the person who Fleming based James Bond on).

The review will be out next week

Love and Peace 



A Secret life

 A Secret life is exactly what it was. Before I mentioned that  I would be reviewing the book The Secret Life of Bletchley Park by Sinclair Mckay.

Oh my goodness what a stressful yet amazing time it was for all those who were at Bletchley Park.

Watching films based on Alan Turing and, the machine that all the people helped, the enigma machine. Does not even give the actual amount of heart and soul that these people who were involved.

Learning such people who were at the beginning of history before World War 2 really started. With the rest of the army, airforce and navy, were actually involved physically other than getting ready.

It tells the story of the beginning when we hearing snippets of information and how the numerous people involved managed to help crack the different codes that were being used by the enemy. 

 How these people coped with the pressure with all the events that were put on in their spare time, how they were fed during the time and everything.

Remembering that there were more than just the code breakers is Important. 

Sometimes it is forgotten that there were people, who would scout out the people involved in such tasks, as well as the waitresses who helped in the canteen.

So to be eternally grateful to those who were there involved in the war is a must.

This book is an excellent way of learning what people did and survived in their own time. It also makes the reader empathise more for them.  

Because you realise that whatever job they did they couldn't talk about it even 40 years on due to the official secrets act. Even to family members some of whom did not realise what a big thing they were doing. And thought that they were not doing much to help.

I give this book 3 ½ out of 5 because of the somewhat jumble of the way it was written although it would be given 5 out of 5 for the story.

Love and Peace 

Please be aware that I am amazon affiliate, meaning that I get compensated when I review products. Each time I review an item the score is my opinion.


Listening to the Animals

There are many people who are amazing looking after the animals who are injured and I am in awe of them and their ability to looking after these animals. However one of the most influential and caring people who look after injured animals in my eyes is Professor Noel Fitzpatrick.

Professor Fitzpatrick is a leading veterinary surgeon who has saved animals in the most amazing ways. Another name he is known as is "The Supervet" and has a show on channel 4 in the UK, of the same name, where he shows how he does amazing operations saving animals in spectacular ways such as giving them as a new leg that is connected like the claws in "Wolverine".

He is human and has had things that have not worked ok. However, his attitude is that not just animals could have the same type of surgery but humans too.

I have often thought how wonderful that would be for the people who have lost limbs particularly legs so that they could walk. I also have wondered what made the professor think the way he does. So when I was given a copy of his book Becoming the Supervet Listening to the Animals it was a complete circle, as I admire his work.

The book goes through every aspect of his life concentrating on his wish and ability to look after animals and humans doing the same surgery on both. It starts with his life as a farmers son in Ireland and having to help with lambing and calving. During this time he also goes through the education that he was given at the schools that he went to and how he was treated differently between primary and secondary schools. Then goes through his challenges at university and his desire to push himself and the ability to give the animals the best chance in life.

After that, it goes through his adventures as a young vet and actor to his dream and the realisation of his dream of giving animals the best chance in life which is in continual growth.

I absolutely love the book and give it 5 out of 5 as it is told in the storyteller style which meant that I couldn't put it down

Love and Peace.

Please be aware that I am amazon affiliate, meaning that I get compensated when I review products. Each time I review an item the score is my opinion.


More To Come

This is just a quick post to let you know that I have yet another book chosen to review. The review of which will be coming in a couple of weeks. The book I have chosen to review is "The Secret Life of Bletchley Park" by Sinclair McKay.

I have always been interested in the history of the Second World War and knew about Bletchley Park and the enigma machine. Which was cracked by a group led by Alan Turin who is played by Benedict Cumberbatch in The Imitation Game. Which is a fabulous film. There is also a tv show called The Bletchley Circle which is a fictional program about a group of women who use their talents to solve crime in the UK particularly around London. However, the book is about real women at the time and their roles while there. I will say more once I have read the book

Love and Peace

Please be aware that I am amazon affiliate, meaning that I get compensated when I review products. Each time I review an item the score is my opinion.


A Modern Twist To a Classic Style

Dragma's Keep (Valdaar's Fist Book 1)
by Vance Pumphrey.

I gave this book 3 star because it was very like a classic of Tolkien using modern English rather than something individual and special.

It is a shame that there was not enough description of the environment and how the characters did things. For example "...whipped their neck round..." is a simplistic description whereas I would have said something like ”whipped their neck round with the sensation of a crack as they did so,..."
That maybe grammatically wrong however I felt that there was not enough.

I would recommend this book for 15years old and up because of the rude language.

However if that was changed then I would say younger.



New Book Review Coming Soon

Next Week I will be putting my review out for 'Operation HailStorm' by Brett Arquette a Technothriller.

I hope you will read my review.

Love and Peace 


Odes To Ali by David A Bates

This book is so apt  right now as Mohammed Ali died last year 2016. It is brilliant in the way it's written through poems just as Mohammed Ali would write. Going through the early days as Casius Clay right through all the dark times of exile and the brilliance of the wins. I would recommend reading this as an insight into the history of the times. Especially as of the historical events that have happened recently that have been mirrored from the past to now.
I would like to recommend reading this book as a insight both of the history of the times and of the way Mohammed Ali wrote even though written by David A Bates.
I will give it 4/5


"Screw it, let's do it" by Sir Richard Branson

"Screw it, Let's do it" is a great book. Full of life lessons that Sir Richard Branson has learned throughout his life. They are ones that everyone should know.

His attitude that money isn't everything is one that people should have. His priorities are his family then having fun. If money is made along the way then great but it is not the reason for doing something.

In the book he starts with bits of his childhood where he was not good at school but had fun growing Christmas trees in his family's field and unfortunately the rabbits ate the seeds but he still had fun because he ended up earning money from the rabbits that had eaten the seeds.

He says not to regret anything and say yes as much as you can. His nickname is Dr yes in the office and I can see why.
He says yes first then thinks about the possibilities and plans from there.

As a beginner entrepreneur in the networking business with Younique I have found that this book is a way to think forward. And rethink my own business as fun first not the products, prices and sales. know that what you love and have fun and work on you.

I rate this book 4 ½ out of 5


A fascinating read

My most recent read has been brilliant. Imperium Omni; Captian's Edition By Mathew S Thomas.

The book is about a half-Elven half human character called Shadow and his adventures as a new member of  Explorers Guild. He is given his first mission to  Explore a far distant area of the country where he was born but he's not the average explorer.
It is a great book with nods to Lord of the Rings by Tolkien by the use of Elves, Humans, Goblins and other creatures of similar ilk.

Without giving too much away it is full of adventures and battles along the way and his time in the valley. He  is met by a character called Drudgeon who is his help in the beginning of the valley and they meet various others who want to help or hinder the main mission that Shadow is on. I can't really say much more about the story as you must read it.

As a story in its own right, it is a fantastic read. I can see where Mathew Thomas's skill as a RPG person has come through the story with it being full of adventure along the way.

It is a book I would recommend for someone who loves adventure stories and knows role playing games and wants to cross the barriers between the two different genres.

my score is 4/5

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