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What a lovely day

Mothering Sunday weekend was a mixed bag of things going on with everyone doing their own thing. I got some lovely things from the kids. Hubby got me a card too. Yet it's Monday afternoon and I am sitting in the garden waiting for the kids to come home from school. It is the end of March in a few days and it is like an early summer not spring. I had picked up a few flowers over the weekend at a local gardening centre and have planned where the flowers are going to when the gardeners come in a few days. So am planning the garden as things are changing both as a blogger and younique presenter too.X

Honor 6x Review

Ok I have had this phone for a couple of weeks now and love it.

Being a #mum and #blogger as well as a #younique presenter and author I would class myself as a fairly heavy user, all though not the heaviest. And with this phone I have found that it lasts at least a day to a day and a half.

Being a disabled person I am possibly more likely to drop a phone and yes I have dropped it and there hasn't been any serious damage not even a scratch on the screen.

The phone is running on #Android at #Marshmallow and will be updated shortly. It has 3 cameras two of them are on the back and make your pictures sharper. And the front is a great #selfie taker so it's great for my line of work.

Being a mum I haven't found any drops of calls or anything else.

It's a very elegant and fresh looking and easy to use. I love using it and I am  writing this review on it while listening to a book.

These are stock pictures of the phone and show you what it looks like. I used to use a #SonyXA w…

So this is blogging!☺

So this is blogging, days and days of things happening and peoples opinions of what someone says?

Is it worth it as there aren’t things that people should know about others and yet there are things that should be spoken about?

These things include what it is like to live with disabilities and illnesses and conditions that aren’t exactly disabilities or conditions. Is it worth posting about these who knows?

I originally wrote this 4 and a half years ago.  I agree with those words and love the fact I have been writing for so long. It is now August 2019.