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An Amazing place

Ok so it's been a very turbulent few weeks because of going through a huge change which I mentioned in previous blogs. However I am glad to say it's finished. So I can be free and able to do things on my own. Which is bliss.

So from a piece of chaos to the picture below and I absolutely love it. Back to work I can go which is brilliant despite having a new fur baby arrive which I have pictured before.


A clear out on my phone

So this evening I began to wonder what my bliss was and decided to delete Facebook from my phone, and I realised that my bliss is writing and although Forever Living is a fantastic opportunity and I am taking full advantage of the things that they have and represent however not in expense of my bliss and my family.
So now I am doing exactly what I want and I feel much more in control. Let's just see much happier I will be over the next few days. I haven't stopped using Facebook just not on my phone as it seems like a inert addiction that cause's activity that isn't healthy.

More tomorrow hopefully x