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Sunshine Skin

This bb cream by #Rimmel is absolutely brilliant for a simple sunny tinted skin. 

All while having spf 15 in it. I have it in medium as I like to look as if I have caught the sun without burning my skin. 

Also as busy mum it speeds up makeup looks without worrying about too much hassle. 

It is a really well priced product which you can get in most places such as #Superdrug #Boots even in Tesco and #Amazon. RIMMEL LONDON BB Cream 9-IN-1 Skin Perfection Super Makeup - Medium is its proper name. After looking for a BBcream and not finding one that fitted my idea of what I need in the summer as I only wear foundation in the winter. 

I found this and love it. I even can add a liquid highlighter making my skin even more dewy.

As a BB cream I give it 4/5


Dry skin situation

So the fantastic weather is out and has been for the last four days with days with being able to eat outside.

 And with all this fantastic weather I have found that my skin is beginning to feel like sand paper so am going to have a face mask in the morning and when I can I'm going to get my favourite facial treat for a summer and that's a bbcream.

After really struggling the #Younique #Bisque last year I tried it again recently following the instructions of using a foundation brush and it just melted in to my skin.

To my surprise also I found that it made my skin silky smooth and my skin drunk it in. Therefore I have realised that actually this bbcream is my actual favourite. My former was #Maybeline bbcream this is so much better. 
Yes it is slightly more expensive however I think monthly it would be better value as it would last the whole time for one tube whereas you would be buying the three tubes for using it daily. So as soon as I get it I will put my own review on it again. Also being slightly tanned already this season I will get the slightly darker shade called honey.

I will also be blogging about another thing that I am getting soon and I can't wait



Monday 20th june

Well the weekend was a good one I had such a lovely time with my family and I am grateful to have them. I went out for a lovely afternoon yesterday and I did an
Delicate look for the afternoon.  Using my #younique kit I did #pink #smokeyeye with  #blackeyeliner. While using my #bbcream #bisque and #bronzer to look slightly tanned and then using my #lipstain #sappy to finish the look.


The weekend

The weekend has been really good just chilling with family. My make up for Saturday was just my Maybelline bb cream because I was just having family time.
Today as I went out in the afternoon I wore the last of my bb cream and with a bit of bronzer and my urban decay nude eye-shadow over my rimmel primer which can be used all over on the eyes and face.

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