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šŸ¤šGoldfinger ✋

Or should I say "The James Bond Gold"

This is a fabulously well written book about the gold that was found and used through the use of spy's from the syndicate. 

A company of people who you could consider to be "Smirsh" or some other spy ring, that any author would use in their books. 

The authors of the book are Theophil Hirshman and Sidney Riley.

Riley was a spy who was exceptional during WW1. to whom Ian Fleming is suspected of basing his ideas for James Bond later in his life when he wrote his novels.

I loved reading this and hearing the story of how the syndicate was involved through WW1 and Riley's escapades. 

Although not going into detail because of the situation the book tells about the gold that the "Syndicate" which was acquired in the first few decades of the 20th century.

It is a fantastic read, full of intrigue and history.

I give this book


Love and Peace 


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