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A few days have passed

A few days have passed since I blogged last and I am feeling a little better. I am wearing makeup, so even if I don't do it straight away when the kids are up and things like that, I do put it on once they've gone. I am beginning to feel like me again.

I love makeup and wear several different makes #BenefitCosmetics #Younique are my two favourites. I left #ForeverLiving because of the mentality that money is everything when actually it's not. People are forgetting that. Happiness, kindness and to have enough money to make everyone in the the family happy whither its a single person, couple, or a couple with kids are the key.

So these days I am trying to make sure that is my priority along with looking after my own family.


Utilising My Blisses

So I have taken things to a slightly different direction. I always have loved makeup ever since my mum gave me her samples and left over make up she didn't want so have always loved it and had a passion for it.
As a teen she introduced me to #Clinique a well known skin care specialist even then back in the 80s then although my budget changed I would always check what was good for me and would use various products from everywhere #Boots #BodyShop even #ChristianDior  #Lancome #ElizabethArden too depending on if she had samples of those.

I tried loads of different ones but none really suited my skin until I found #Benefit at 30 so for the last 12 years on and off depending on my budget I would buy anything and everything from them. This included #Benetint #SoGorgeous #DrFeelgood #Lemonaid #YouRebelLight to various eyeshadow kits #SpeedBrow just to name a few and my favourite which is discontinued #RushHour. Now I combine various companies with them particularly #Forever and #Younique

I start my day by using #BenefitFoaminglyClean facial wash and then I use #ForeverLivingMoisturiser then a primer at the moment. The primer I use is

 I am finding that this primer isn't very good unfortunately. The #BBCreme I am using at the moment is one by #MyLittleBox and I absolutely love it. For my eyes I again use #Benefit as I have various different sets or my #UrbanDecay sets which I have or even my new set by #Younique which is totally gorgeous

So as you can see I love it and recently I have been asked to blog my makeup by a website called #BeautyO.

As a #NetworkBusinessOwner for #ForeverLiving they may not like the fact that I have joined #Younique as its more in line with my blisses which are makeup and writing, including blogs and my books that I already have had published

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