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A Small Change

Today is halfway through my first week of just drinking an americano coffee every morning rather than drinking my favourite latte.

and one more that I have forgotten to post and  I have really noticed a difference in what my energy levels have improved massively. The coffee that I am drinking at the moment is Costa coffee Americano  from Costa and Tassimo. I am not overly keen on a black coffee however I am getting accustomed to the taste with no sugar or milk. So once I have finished my americanos I will be seeing what happens if I use a different source. The source I will be using
Auriel Focus Coffee and see what the differences are because so far I have definitely seen a boost in my energy just by having the black Americano.
More in a few days.
Love and Peace xxx
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A Nice Feeling So Far

So today I have been trying the creamy yet powder like substance as a primer from #FMWorld Below is a photo just before I put some on Then after putting some onI took these photos while out waiting for the meeting of a team member. The time I put it on was 9.40. I then came home. The photo above was taken at 1.12 in the afternoon at home. I have noticed how the product has stopped my eyelids from sweating so much, which has been a real help to my hayfever. As the sweat would drip into my eyes causing more irritation.The product is very like lemonaid by Benefit at a competitive price. It has a fantastic feel when you put it on and lasts for 12 hours with only a tiny bit of sweat in the crease of my eyes at 9pm. I absolutely love this amazing product Eyeshadow Base by FMWorld Over the next two weeks I'll do a full test with a make-up look or two Love and Peace xxx

English Summer

People often moan about the rain and coldness of the English weather. Yet when it's super hot like now people moan still.However they obviously don't realise where this island is. It is in the most awkward place on the earth as it is in the temprant section of the world so it is hit by every type of weather the planet has thrown at it.I personally love the heat and sun suffering from S.A.D which means when it is dark and cold I want to sleep until it is warm and sunny again. I'm sure that a lot of you can relate to that feeling at times. So although it is extremely hot here in the UK I am grateful for it as it means that I am in a better place and I feel good.And to do that I use suncream and aftersun if I get sunburnt. The ones I use is There are many different levels of suncream that are available however this is the link to the one I use Suncream And this my personal choice of aftersun Aftersun mist

Good Morning

Every day your day starts with you getting up and getting yourself sorted. The first thing you do is to get your skin prepared for the day ahead. The first thing you do is to cleanse your face after your night's sleep.
For me, I use this 3 in 1 by FM World.

This cleanser is amazing and really helps me deal with my psoriasis. I use a cotton pad and put a little of the cleanser and wipe it all over my face. It gently gets rid of the grime in my face from the night before getting ready for the day ahead. While preparing my face for wearing makeup for the day. 
This is the first thing I use every morning before using other products which will be blogged about in the future.
Love and Peace xxx

Skincare Sunday

This is my latest video

A New video

The Aloe products are absolutely fantastic and so gentle. Everyone can use these products from young to old!
Love & Peace 
Please be aware that I am affiliated, meaning that I get compensated when I review products. Each time I review an item the score is my opinion.

Monday makeup tip

This is the second video in a series regarding how to do your makeup bit by bit. I hope you enjoy it.

Love and Peace

Adding to My Skin Routine

Ok so after restarting my skin routine for my face and falling in love with the products from FM World I decided to add to it. After starting with the Aloe Vera Peel Face Mask, finding how good it is and posting a review Soft-and-Gentle and then adding to the regime the I bought the toner and cleanser for removing makeup that I wore that day.

I start by using this cleanser with the face cloth,
which is silky smooth and so gentle on your skin that you don't really see that it is working until you see what the cleanser has taken off. It is absolutely brilliant. This has made me feel like putting on makeup more as I have seen a great difference in my skin.  Then after that, I use the toner from FM World and it is totally fantastic. It is a gel form toner which you leave on to dry. So for me that means going from the bathroom to bedroom before putting on my moisturiser which at the moment is E45 general moisturiser for dry skin which is also helping my skin, however, I am looking at g…

A Week On

Last week I used the Aloe Vera Peel Mask from FM World and found that it had worked really well straight away. My initial review is Soft and Gentle Skin and I am completely bowled over by the mask as my skin has really improved since I did it last week and today.

The picture above was taken in December while I was with another company and couldn't afford the products to look after my skin.

This picture is of the mask in the process of drying during the first time doing it.

The picture above I took today before doing it again today.

And this picture is of just after I had peeled off the mask for the second time. I honestly can say that this mask is amazing. It is gentle enough for young people to use. I have given it to my daughter who is 10 years old and only left it on her face for 10 minutes and then peeled it off, whereas I left it on for the full 20 minutes. I then used a new product from FM World for me to tone my skin after taking it off. I have a YouTube video that shows h…

What A Way to Start the Day

Oh, my goodness what a fantastic start to the day. I have ordered from the company I joined their coffee and tea. so I started with the coffee. I chose this because this version of the coffee helps your metabolism. I have only had two cups of this over the last 3 days and am learning how to make it.

I have a coffee filter machine.

and made it using 4 teaspoons full of coffee the first time, however, found that it was slightly gritty so I made it again this morning with half the amount of coffee and found that it wasn't.

It has a pleasant taste that goes down well with no real aftertaste  

I can't review the metabolism side of things as of yet as I have only had a couple of cups.
So on taste, I give the coffee 4/5
Love and Peace

Soft and Gentle Skin

After a serious amount of time of not really looking after my skin because I couldn't afford masks to help my skin. I decided that one of the things I really needed to get from the company FM World was their Aloe Vera peel mask.

The price of the mask is £8.69 and is absolutely brilliant. It is a green gel that you put only a light coverage on using a mask spatula and leave to dry for up to 20mins. At this point, your skin is made taught and you crack the mask to make it possible to peel off.

The picture above is the mask just before it starts to dry and you feel it tightening. I set a timer for 20 mins so that I didn't forget because I have missed caring for my skin like this. Because the company before I worked with had really good masks for different types of skin. However, they did not have a mask for my skin type and are extremely expensive. So I switched to FM World and found this absolutely fantastic as it is for all types and a brilliant price. My skin is so much bette…

Excitement begins

This morning the most important things arrived for my next step in my career as a network business owner for the company FM World. I can't wait to show you them so will put them on my next proper big post as I have had to completely format the laptop that I write my blog so nothing is on it at the moment other than the minimal. The last couple of days I have been working in the back-office of my business and so blogs have been a little bit bland. From now they should be brighter and more informative.

Love & Peace