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Utilising My Blisses

So I have taken things to a slightly different direction. I always have loved makeup ever since my mum gave me her samples and left over make up she didn't want so have always loved it and had a passion for it.
As a teen she introduced me to #Clinique a well known skin care specialist even then back in the 80s then although my budget changed I would always check what was good for me and would use various products from everywhere #Boots #BodyShop even #ChristianDior  #Lancome #ElizabethArden too depending on if she had samples of those.

I tried loads of different ones but none really suited my skin until I found #Benefit at 30 so for the last 12 years on and off depending on my budget I would buy anything and everything from them. This included #Benetint #SoGorgeous #DrFeelgood #Lemonaid #YouRebelLight to various eyeshadow kits #SpeedBrow just to name a few and my favourite which is discontinued #RushHour. Now I combine various companies with them particularly #Forever and #Youniqu…

Today's makeup

Today my make up is fairly simple. I have a small #Mac set with plum colouring for my eyes with Benefit and bronzer. My lips are #Clinique. Today things are so exciting and moving forward. More soon.Love x

My Makeup Routine for Last Night

Last night I went out for a family meal as we are all over the place this Christmas so decided to do a serious face cleanse. As a start I used a fruit infused clay mask.

I then washed my face with my sample set from clinique using the wash then toner and finally the moisturiser. I then used my #Benefit #PoreProfessionalPrimer all over my face. After which I then did my eyes following #LisaPotterDixon #EasyOnTheEyes using #UrbanDecay #Naked I used #Virgin all over my eyes then using #Buck I did the basis for the smokey eye then using #Darkhorse I finished the eye shadow look before piling on tons and tons of #WaterproofBadGirlLash before putting on the #BBcreme I had in one given in #MyLittleBox one month. Then I put on #Bronzer also  from  #MyLittleBox before putting on the #Nars Blush #orgasam then finally a lip pencil by #Clinique

This is the final look before heading out to a local pub for the meal.

Half Term Week

So this week has been half term and has been  busy.

On Monday I had a get together with a couple of friends and talked about one of the ventures I am working on.

Tuesday I went to the cinema to see Sceptre which was totally awesome. A review of which will be on another blog.

Wed was a family day seeing members of the family.

Today Thursday is a day to catch up with things around the house my Glamour magazine came with a new lipstick to try from Clinique. The colour is nude pop and looks brilliant on. It feels soft and silky too,

Friday I'm catching up with another friend and can't wait to see them as its been a few years since we have seen each other for a few years.

Saturday is Halloween and the kids have a party and then we have a party in the evening we have a party to go to.
Sunday my husband and daughter have a swimathon to go to. At which they are raising money for Children in Need and the Heart of Kent Hospice.

I will tell you more about what I get up to when I can.