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What a life

Oh my goodness what a life did Sam Giacanna have. The book "Double Jeopardy" tells you one side of the story. 

He was one of the most deadly people born in the old American style. A son of a immigrant who ended up a hugely respected gang leader part of the old league of gangsters which finished in the late 70s early 80s.

His life started as a poor boy who was part of a gang of boys. Working his way up through the ranks. This meant killing people who had done wrong in the leaders eyes. 

Fairly quickly Sam grew up through the ranks taking over different gangs until he was one of the consortium members. Who gave orders for lower members to do various jobs, including hitmen. 

The biggest challenge was that fact that in a way the consortium controlled the USA politically. They never took sides as such but did hedge their bets on both. They were said to be helping both Nixon and Kennedy when they were going for the presidential elections by giving money to both parties.

The stories that are told by his brother Charles "Chuck" make it such a fantastic read it gives you a an insight into the minds of the people who were there and the history. 

However because of the Kennedys being trapped in a way they get their own revenge.

As an alternative to the good side of USA back then you see the rougher side, depicted similarly in the "Godfather" trilogy. 

The book as a whole gives you an idea of what happens in the US government too. It certainly made me think about what is happening right now in the US and wonder who is in charge really.

I'm not going to be judging either side as this is not what I want to be posting about. 

I love the history of the people although I don't condone what they did the book it's is a fantastic read.

I give it a 4/5

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