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Thinking of The Past

I am writing this after reading #CarrieFisher's last Book #ThePrincessDiarist just after her death, realising that I as a young girl when the original #StarWars series came out was very influenced by #PrincessLeia and her independence.

Now in my early 40's it is interesting to see how Carrie herself saw herself as the 19 year old who wasn't sure if acting was her thing, after seeing her famous mother #DebbieRenyolds, and fathers #EddieFisher careers both dwindle, as they got older. Despite being fantastic actors and singers of the bygone age of #Hollywood industry.

Carrie touches on this in the book and how she and #HarrisonFord became lovers during those early days of filming the original Star Wars. She doesn't go into what they actually did as it is private between them both, however she doesn't sherk from the feelings that she felt in discovering herself and what kind of woman she was. She does this by seeing that #PrincessLeia was actually part of her that she didn't really know until years later when she accepted it .

The book is split into three parts where she says about finding diaries during her time of doing the first movie and beginning on how she got the part of Princess Leia and the very early days and then the book goes through excerpts from the diaries and poems that she wrote about her feelings about Harrison before heading back to talking about those days and how she accepted that if she hadn't become Princess Leia then she wouldn't be the person she was. An independent strong woman who had managed to get through the trials of her life.

At times it is poignant as a book as she talks about the possibility of her mother's death and other things because it was doing the book tour for this book and heading home for Christmas was when she died and two days later her mother died due to the heartbreak of losing her daughter.

I was fascinated by this book and couldn't put it down so read it in a couple of hours.

I give this book 4/5


Christmas and the year ahead

This has been a bit of a stinking year. Too many people have died this year. David Bowie, Alan Rickman, lemmie, George Michael, Carrie Fisher, Lizzie Smith just to name a few.

I am hoping that next year will be a better one. Personally this has been an OK year with a bit of a change for the positive. Which has been really good and I can't wait to see what next year brings.

Christmas it's self has been a lovely time with the family and have watched the kids play with their toys. I have eaten way too much but enjoyed the time I am planning for the future and want the best for myself and the family.

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