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Ok it's chocolate fortnight

So it's the chocolate fest for the next two weeks being spring break in the U.K. The kids are home. Thank goodness for the weather being reasonable so far, as this means that they are able to play outside for most of the day.Who loves Chocolate? I know I do however I do think it can be over rated especially the cheaper types as they have so much sugar in them. My favourite type is Hotel Chocolate as mid range high end type. The cheaper versions such as Nestle, Galaxy and Cadbury are good for a quick fix if you are craving chocolate and have awesome combinations. However I prefer Hotel Chocolate because of the way they taste. They make me want to savour the favours they produce by taking a piece at a time rather than scoffing all of it at once which is what happens more often than not if I buy the cheaper brands. What ever you have for this chocolate fortnight enjoy it  and let me know what you like best. X