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Half term week

So the last week has been a week spent with the family and the new member of the family. Tomorrow will be a back to normal day with a quick change. I can't wait for a order to arrive and be able to concentrate on what I have got to do. When it comes I'll put a picture of the order on here.I'm looking forward to be working with too as a promoter of their amazing clothing and accessories. So will keep you posted on this.I seriously love their clothes so will be ordering some soon. I also will be ordering from clothes from another outlet who is an independent as well soon. I will show you what I have ordered from there too.It's Autumn so have been researching makeup looks that I can do myself. As I haven't been doing many looks recently I'm hoping to be putting together a series of looks to do using my Younique products. And showing off the latest bits in the company's kudos for November which will be released on the 1st. When we can all order t…