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A Secret life

 A Secret life is exactly what it was. Before I mentioned that  I would be reviewing the book The Secret Life of Bletchley Park by Sinclair Mckay.

Oh my goodness what a stressful yet amazing time it was for all those who were at Bletchley Park.

Watching films based on Alan Turing and, the machine that all the people helped, the enigma machine. Does not even give the actual amount of heart and soul that these people who were involved.

Learning such people who were at the beginning of history before World War 2 really started. With the rest of the army, airforce and navy, were actually involved physically other than getting ready.

It tells the story of the beginning when we hearing snippets of information and how the numerous people involved managed to help crack the different codes that were being used by the enemy. 

 How these people coped with the pressure with all the events that were put on in their spare time, how they were fed during the time and everything.

Remembering that there were more than just the code breakers is Important. 

Sometimes it is forgotten that there were people, who would scout out the people involved in such tasks, as well as the waitresses who helped in the canteen.

So to be eternally grateful to those who were there involved in the war is a must.

This book is an excellent way of learning what people did and survived in their own time. It also makes the reader empathise more for them.  

Because you realise that whatever job they did they couldn't talk about it even 40 years on due to the official secrets act. Even to family members some of whom did not realise what a big thing they were doing. And thought that they were not doing much to help.

I give this book 3 ½ out of 5 because of the somewhat jumble of the way it was written although it would be given 5 out of 5 for the story.

Love and Peace 

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