Urgh!! Cerebral Palsy can take a long run and jump!

Today is one of those days when I really should be feeling great. I have a great place to live in at the moment. I have a fantastic family that are with me. Yet Cerebral palsy is completely making me feel Urgh! Today I am feeling wiped out. I don’t know why! But I am pushing forward

Maybe it is because of the weather. The weather really has a big connection to cerebral palsy in my view and it's a common factor.

Do you have similar feelings about Cerebral Palsy?

Winter is a “Debbie Downer” for me and I have really forgotten to take the multivitamins that I should take to boost my energy. So that cerebral palsy has less of a hold on me. I mention it in my post, Winter Blues. All though I have moved now. Some things are still triggering me to have down days although there are fewer. Today is one of those days where I m would quite happily stay in bed and sleep the whole day through. I think also it has been because of the move that I haven’t really written much and I know that it is because I have moved home just before Christmas.

More posts coming soon!

I am planning more posts right now about cerebral palsy and life in general with the condition. With all the changes that happened in 2020 are still happening now in 2021 I’m having to alter my own routine and balance family life as well as fitting time in for writing posts and everything else to fit around life.

I wrote posts about what went on throughout the year in the following posts How are you dealing in these strange times and Keeping your distance to keep safe. And the most recent horrific change that occurred this week the 6th Jan 2021 that I tied in with how we as people should be treated. That post is Are you looking forward or looking back with cerebral palsy.

Yeah, this is a short diary-like post!

But you know what now and then there will be more of these types of posts because I have realised that lots of people love these types of posts as they are more like a day to day way of living with cerebral palsy. While also writing and showing you what I have done or are in the process of doing something the moving

love and peace

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