• Lizzie Hare

First steps of the future

What is the future?

That is the question everyone asks. And no one knows the answer. Even for themselves.

 As I wrote in my post Moving On we are in the process of selling our house after more than two decades in the same place. 

Forward Thinking 

So although we are still at the beginning of the process. We are going through everything and decluttering. We have als0 started packing up boxes of stuff that we don't want to chuck but don't use regularly

I know that some people won't start the process of decluttering of things that are no longer needed.  I began by sorting out my cups and mugs. 

And only keeping what is of sentimental value and necessary and anything else was to be kept. The Feeling of Excitement  Through the decluttering of each room despite still being used by us. It has made it easier to let prospective buyers the see what they can do in each room. Meaning it was sold early on.

The Panic 

The panic is the feeling of fear. It is the fear of the house not being sold for a long time. I know that it can take a long time to get it done and in some sense we do have a long time but in another we don't. But again at the same time it is exciting. Since writing this originally we are just house hunting before moving out.


The wait can is excruciating. The reality is that it may take a bit of time but the result will be what we want and we will be happier and safer than right now. This yet another scary stage of moving as it is now. Love and Peace  Xxx

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